Posted by: nastypen | February 4, 2007

Onyx Turns One Today

Our pet labrador Onyx turns one today. To celebrate, I asked the hepers to make a batch of an ampalaya (bitter melon) dish. Onyx loves ampalaya. In fact, she is one of the reasons why I started to eat it, too. So I can feed her with what is on my plate. This little bithc is a healthy eater. she eats melon….my goodness, the cost. But I like my dog more than a lot of humans.

Anyhoo, it’s an otherwise ok day. The neighbors have started their weekly irritating karaoke session. Sometimes I wish their magic sing microphone would be f*cked and electrocute all of them. their death rattle would be music to my ears. But, the birthday girl does not seem to care for these “waste of Oxygen” humans. She just hops about and chomps at my fat leg.

I wish I could be like her, unaffected by bad singing of already bad songs. Whhen they started to sing Bon Jovi, I slammed the windows shut, turned on the aircon, play Stephen King‘s Carrie soundtrack at fullblast. Onyx is sniffing at my bubous belly right now and her tail is wagging so hard, it sounds like an old aeroplane propeller.

One Gregorian Calendar year is seven in dog years. Whoa. Onyx is practically a student in the first grade now.

Was it yesterday that she would sleep behind my sister’s treadmill? Now she can barely fit there. Aaaawwww….I’m having baby aches.


That’s Ronnie in the picture, he’s my little sister’s boyfriend. Why is he sleeping on the floor with the wastebin by his head is one of those life’s mysteries like the Lochness Monster. But check out cute li’l Onyx! Awwww….I used to bring her warm hairy belly to my chin. Now, I will be fractured if I do that.

Even then, Onyx does not like the paparazzi. Here’s her trying to escape from my mother’s grasp and evading the camera at the same time. This was May last year.


I tried having a photo of her taken today, but a gaping canine jaw is not nice to look at. there was another instance when her head knocked my cheekbones and it feels like Andre the Giant slapped me. So, I guess no cute birthday photo today. She is usually very behaved when my elder sister is here. But since she is not, Onyx acts like a Vet’s nightmare on crack.

Well, she did have her bath the other day and she shed so much it could be a toupee. She was staring at me to save her from the bath. Yet, she knowsyou have to suffer to be fabulous so she endures the bath and scrubbing.

Onyx just picked up her toy and wanted to play her version of fetch: I pick up her toy and she jumps at me and tries to push me off and latches her teeth on the toy and a tug o war is ensued, I let go and she drops the toy to have anothergo at it.

Onyx is a strange bitch and she is my daughter because of that.



  1. happy bday to onyx! cheers!

  2. Onyx, onyx, Fiiiiiitchhhhh! Aw. Ooops. Belly rubbbbb!!!! Happy birthday onyx!!!! Frodo and Harry say hi!!!

  3. i miss my black lab, Sirius.

    *sniff sniff*

    happy birthday Onyx!

  4. Haaaaappppyyyy Birrrrttthhday, Oooonyx!
    Sorry, I don’t get to play with him anymore 😦

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