Posted by: nastypen | February 1, 2007

Dear Papa Jesus,

Do you think that I can look like this after the hours I spend being mobile inside the gym:


No, I didn’t think so, too.

You’re one hot bitch, Paul Rudd. I hate you. And when asked if he has any man-crushes (man-crush= a straight man having a more enthusiastic liking to another man), he would go for an insightful and a funny bear. Woohoo, I have hope! hahahah.

But, anyway, Papa Jesus, I thought I’d never enjoy the gym but I do. I don’t go to the weights room, though. I spend hours in the cardio because I like it. I really enjoy it. I thought I’d be spitting fire from resentment, but no, I actually look forward to my gym days. Will it make me a gym bunny? That is not the point of my going to the gym.

All my negative thoughts I push them out as I do brisk walking on the treadmill. Fanatical teacher tells me I should start with weight training….that’s one part of the gym culture I can do without. Fanatical teacher says I should start it lest my “breasts start to sag.”

Honey, my man-boobs defy gravity.

But maybe I’ll start with the weights in March. For now, I want to focus on cardio. But I can’t wait when I resign. I’ll go to the gym when there are few people around. I hate it when as I sashay on the treadmill, this glamazon at the boxing ring would grunt like Arantxa Sanchez Vicario in the tennis court. Then there is the pair of tweedle-dee and tweedle dumb who giggle and gab about their latest purchases while their model legs nimbly trudge on the stepper. I hate it when an old guy uses the treadmill next to me and smiles as he runs while i brisk walk.

I know. I know. I shouldn’t compare myself, Papa Jesus.  i guess, I’m just impatient.  It’s hard to lug around three tons of flab while everyone seems to have it easy.

Papa Jesus, I just want to be fit enough to start the Philippine Synchronized swimming team.  It could be our first Olympic Gold.



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  2. Wow! Someone quoted you… nice!

    And the photo… yummy :p

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