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I’m Published….and I’m Not Unique….

(My laptop Lafawnduh is alive, people!!! Praised be all that is good and fabulous!!!)

I’m Published!

Last Friday, I went with Faye to a gathering of contributors to an Eraserheads Anthology “Tikman ang Langit” (Taste the Heaven….ok that sounded awkward, but that’s the literal translation). I’m one of the contributors. I wrote an essay with a homosexual perspective on the E-heads and rock and roll. I wrote of their song “Hey Jay” which did not earn a wide release but was revolutionary in a way that it was about a gay friend who is struggling with his identity.

I was surrounded by Writers with a capital”W.” Palanca winners, editors, journalists, fictionists, essayists….But I bet I’m the only one in the punchbowl who wore a rainbow feather boa in a mall. But it was an interesting gathering. I felt like a fish out of water but not so much to drive me away.

I am so happy to be made a part of this. I’m a published writer. I mean, I had articles printed in the newspaper before. And an article of mine was reprinted in a book. But this is the first time I actually wrote for a book and it’s a great feeling. It’s not a vindication that I can write…please….but that I was made part in a collection of essays celebrating what a lot of people tout as the last great Filipino band. It’s an honor. You have to read the essays to understand the extent of the influence of this band in the local rock and roll scene. the book will be available in national bookstore and powerbooks mid-February….oha plugging!

I just thought of the irony of this situation. I worked with this irritating bitch before who is obsessed by the Eraserheads. If there was a groupie, it would be her alongside her hideous hag friends…one is cross-eyed who likes to wear hot pants showing off the dark lines of her buttocks, the other one is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 300 lbs and would strip of her shirt (and she did!) showing off her bra that could be a sail for a yatch. Anyway, these bitches ADORE … LOVE …. GET AROUSED BY …. LACTATE FOR …. OVULATE FOR …. the Eraserheads. When I was working with them (I called them Macbeth’s witches) they were moaning and gabbing at the office. They told me I should draw the band their caricatures.

I just raised an eyebrow and went on with my work.

One of them is an adept pastel artist and did a huge portrait of Ely Buendia, the lead singer. She brought it to the office and showed it off to me and said something about passions. I took a look at it and it was an ok portriat, nothing earth-shatteringly brilliant and I smiled at her and said, “Wow. You can have a stall somewhere in the mall now doing portraits! Congratulations!”

The thing is, all three of them are writers, even winners of some literary awards… yet they are nowhere in this anthology. Yet, there I am and even got paid for it. Oh, the irony. Anyhoo, had they written for this anthology, I imagine it would be shrilly statospheric praises for the boys in the band and their repressed desires for a gang bang dripping with so much libido I could smell their disgusting pheromones waft from their pages.

I can’t tell you of the euphoria…my first book. Faye told me to enjoy the moment and I did. I can’t wait for the book launching. there will be a concert at the SM Mall of Asia Powerbooks….ugh I hate that mall…but it’ll be my first book launch. And I have to think of an outfit for that one. Shall I wear my beat-up fedora or what?

…and I’m Not Unique.

During the dinner for the contributors, I saw my long lost brother!

Well, not a biological one, but we do look freakishly alike. Here’s the picture:

Brothers bear?

Well, there goes my fantasy of being unique. hahahah Check out the other pics of the event here, sorry about the hazy quality, I forgot my digital camera.

That’s Jing Gaddi. He wrote the afterword of the book. I know of him from his band Tungaw days in the 1990s. The first time I saw them live, Jing fell down the stage while strumming the guitar. He just got up, turned around and be embarrassed for a moment and twirled to the crowd with a big sheepish grin. Even my sister was there and that is also her memory of the guy. She exclaimed when I showed her this pic, “How uncanny! He has my eyes though. But you two can pass up as brothers! Wait, isn’t this the guy that fell?” His recovery from that snafu was smooth and he just played on while occasionally shaking his head and stifling a laugh. But back then in the stone age of my college days, I did not look like him. I was thinner and wound up. He is obviously cool.

Faye said that he is the best person I could ever wish for to be a look-alike. I trust Faye’s spot-on judge of character.

Anyway, Jing’s wife came to me and said if Jing is unavailable, “Can I borrow you? Just don’t speak.” uhmmm….errrr…..

So, we’re not exactly identical. He’s a lawyer who works for an NGO to alleviate the plight of the marginalized in society and plays the bass for the Ang Bandang Shirley. I’m a cartoonist who can tell you why Celia Rodriguez is the best Valentina ever. He’s straight and married. I’m not on both counts. Ok, his marriage is recognized by the law. Mine is not. He’s taller. I’m hobbit-esque. He can play musical instruments. I can barely sing unless I’m properly smashed by alcohol.

But, apparently, he and I share the same fashion sentiments. I love aloha shirts way before they were sullied by politicians in their campaigns. He wore a blue polo shirt with a scene from what looks like a Hawaiian or idyllic Polynesian village. I have something like that. I wore my favorite black African goddess shirt and he has that one, too. Although, I suspect he does not label it as “African goddess shirt.”

It was a bit freaky to have someone look like you.

Jing showed me a pic he took with his mobile of someone who looks like us. What? There’s more???? The wife said that I am now “at the top of the list” of her hubby’s lookalikes. Faye was just laughing because she pointed out that Jing fiddles with his beard the same way as I do. That’s it, I’m going to pluck my eyebrows and dye my hair rooster red. Riiiiight…..hahahaha. It was an experience to see an almost exact copy/reflection.

Anyway, my dear readers, all seven of you, please do get a copy of the anthology. I’ll be posting any information regarding the book launch cum mini acoustic councert soon.

I just wonder if Jing will show up and what he would be wearing. Hahahah… my concerns! Just get the book. Support our local publishers, authors, and books!



  1. I wish I could come up to Jing and say,”If Chong is unavailable, can I borrow YOU? Just don’t tell your wife.” Ahay. In my dreams. Heheh. Love you Bro Bear!!!

  2. ANG CUUUUTE! you guys look so cool together. and yeah, it does feel freakish to have someone look like you. when will your book be out? i have some books that’ll be out this year too. well… one came out last year but i only had a teensy-weensy illustration in it. (>_

  3. Congratulations! I hope you can have my copy signed during the book launch. Cheers!

  4. weeee!!!

    he is as cute as you.

    see yah at the book launch.

    wow book launch.

  5. so cute and cuddly!

  6. call the guy para matching ang outfit!

  7. Congrats, Dahlin’! I’ll be on your book launch… I promise!

    And I’m sorry I wasn’t able to comment on your blogs lately. You know where I’ve been to and what I’ve been dwelling. Thanks for being there for the drama queen ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I’m glad Lafawnduh survived. So, now… it’s your turn ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. hey jing nice meeting you at maraming salamat din. Eto nag-tayo ako ng unofficial blog natin

  9. […] an excerpt from Chong Ardivilla’s blog entry: Last Friday, I went with Faye to a gathering of contributors to an Eraserheads Anthology โ€œTikman […]

  10. hey Chong!

    kamusta po!??? s Karl Contreras i2, clasm8 at grad skul in UP. i got my MA na last year & im here in d us with my hubby. i was reading abt nonoy marcelo at syempre who is the first entry… ang iyo pong kagandahan courtesy of wittyworld ang saya! congratulations po 4 d buk raket ๐Ÿ™‚ i wil ask my sis to get me a copy… wen is the buk launching?

    nwey, my hubby read a conference paper abt comics and psychoanalysis in NY at the CAA (College Art Association) few wiks ago & hes inv8d to publish his essay with an academic journal. he wants to includ ‘ikabod bubwit’ as one of the illustrations. do u hav contact with marcelo’s estate? this is a big deal, international academic publication, non-commercial. we wud lyk to ask permission from d family 2 includ d image. op cors promoter pa rin ako ng filipino art. im curating a show next yir for women’s month of 4 filipina feminist artists.

    haay nobela! in case po na u have any leads, email addy of any of d marcelo family id rily apprec8 it. salamat na marami!


    contreras-koterbay na po kami pareho ng asawa ko

    si herb na clasm8 ba natin i2? she stil in japan?

  11. i just read your essay on tikman ang langit. its one of my favorites. two thumbs up ๐Ÿ™‚

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