Posted by: nastypen | January 21, 2007

“Clean” is Such a Dirty Word and Cab Drivers Say the Darnest Things

I am so filthy, sweaty and clogging my lungs with dust now. I’m cleaning up my room. I vowed to clean up my room after I resign but I just can’t wait that long. I didn’t go to the gym last Saturday during the clean up; it was a work out on its own.

I wasn’t expecting this but I just weighed myself to see how many pounds I gained.  I did lose 10lbs in a matter of a week and a half and I haven’t even started my diet. So yey, but my room looks like it was stuck in post-atomic bomb Hiroshima. So I clean up. To bring up the ante of my domesticated mood, I’m playing salsa songs from the divine Celia Cruz and I feel like getting a tractor and shove my stuff off a cliff.

But the key to true organization is work with what you have. And I don’t have enough boxes. I bought a couple of boxes to put my research materials, magazines for future collages and art materials and stack them in my room.

I have so much stuff it’s obscene. And I’m not talking about clothes nor cars. I’m talking about books. People of the jury, Exhibit A:

Piles of books!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

Underneath that pile is my bed. Yup. To make matters worse, these are books found on my computer desk and not on the shelves.

This is just a fractionof the books I own. this isn’t counting the books the entire family libraries hold. So, this begs the question “When will I read all of these?” I read some of them but I don’t give away books I already read. Oh no, sir!!! these are my friends! You don’t give away your friends.

I found a magazine with the cover of Christina Aguilera in her Drrrty phase. I wonder how this ended up in my pile…cough cough….Ooooh. I found a board with Japanese calligraphy given to me by a cute Japanese school principal years ago. Ugh…I saw some old photos of me thin…straight to the waste basket they go.  I found a paper I did back in college…I wrote like a convent nun to her prayers….MECHANICAL.  Trash you go.  Hey, I saw an old book I thought lost.  That’s a great sign.

The entire clean up took the whole day and I was wheezing from the dust.  It was such an achievent that I have piled my books in neat mini towers, some of them stowed in boxes.  My computer table is now for the computer and it feels expansive.

So on Sunday I decided to hit the gym.  I went down wearing my green shorts, blue shirt, flesh socks and bright orange shoes…yes, it looked like the carnival was in town.  I didn’t care.  I hailed a vacant cab but it just sped by and the cab after that took me in.

The taxi driver laughed, “Natakot sa iyo yun. Ang laki mo kasi!”  (The other cab driver was afraid of you.  You’re so big!”)  Oh.  No.  He.  Didn’t!   My left eyebrow just shut up to the seventh floor.  I wanted to throw him my gym bag and sit on his neck and scream “Who’s fat?!?!”  hahahaha….please….as if I’m affected by what a cab driver would say.  His colleagues are the ones who argue that we should return to America so we can earn in dollars.  these cabbies have it simplified the way they just shamelessly ask for more.

He was giggling at his own joke for the next two minutes.  I just switched the radio to a rock station.  I am paying for the ride and I chose not to bleed my ears with stupid dj’s trying to be funny with their ads read by a midget.  He was bemoaning that he has not reach his “boundary,” a sort of quota in terms of the collected fare. He was bellyaching that there are no passengers despite the fact there was a massive traffic going to the mall and that he didn’t like to queue for passengers.

I just smiled my “you think I give a sh*t about your existence…I have troubles of my own so spare me the ‘pity me’ theatrics and write your heartaches to a radio drama or something” type of smile.

So, in retaliation, I gave him the exact amount…IN COINS.   I told him so that he can give the passengers their proper change.
Thank goodness I’m allowed such small mercies.



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  2. Congrats Bro bear!!! Your blog has reached 6000 hits!!!

    Keep on blogging!!!

  3. i admire you for the weight lost, for the books [i envy you! is that a sandman graphic novel on top of the pile???], and for being bitchy at the cab driver…he deserves it! kainis nga yung mga ganon no?! panalo ka talaga!

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