Posted by: nastypen | January 18, 2007

Wisdom Comes to Me in Strange Moments

Last night I was watching the gore fest that is Apocalypto. I have long been fascinated by Mayan rituals and architecture. When I was young, I would read with so much fright in my eyes of accounts of human sacrifices to the gods with the captives had their still-beating hearts torn from them.

Mel Gibson really did a good job with magnifying the ritual. I was all squeamish. But when I say good, it does not necessarily mean fantastic discourse on humanity. The movie is a nice ride, but that’s just it — a ride.

So anyway, as I tried not to barf from the sight of a dangling severed superior vena cava from a beating heart, I got a text message from a friend of mine who is not in a good place right now. That person is soooo swamped with stress, job demands, financial woes, and spiralling depression. That person said something that “Money rules this world.”

I simply texted back, “Jesus Christ was dirt poor. Buddha gave up everything. These guys changed the world with no bank accounts to their names.”

It was a ping moment for me, too. I should also keep heart to what I texted to my distressed friend.

I’m fretting that I’m about to leave the security of a job. My purchasing power will be diminished. My sister opined that I might feel emasculated from being unemployed. I know the risks.

But, my sister told me to embrace my decision.

I do.

It’s the nagging feeling of doom and gloom that is gnawing at me. But I should not let it gnaw at me much. It’s a paradigm shift. It’s a slower life for me, I guess and I should learn how to stop worrying….much.

But I do understand the power of money. It’s the worshipping of it that is giving me severe distaste.

So, anyway, my Jesus-Buddha statement came to me as I watched a scene of a man’s skull being bashed in and arterial spray splattered all over the screen. I thought, “Hey, I’ll be jobless but at least I won’t be the one up for human sacrifice.” Thank God for small mercies.

So, speaking of small mercies, as part of my therapy to keep buoyant, I just browse through the contestants page for Mr. Brazil 2007! Lordy. There are some pretty hot he-bitches here. This contestant is making me sin in my thought. This one is making me think “God has a purpose for you and it’s not to win this pageant.”

I wonder who will the Philippines send to Mr. World this time. I remember when I was working for the newspaper years ago, our “beauty king” representatitve told our reporter that he has “two brothers, all male.”

Yup, you wouldn’t want the public to know that your brothers are females, right?



  1. Money is good but you can’t buy good humor or peace of mind. I will be so sad to see you go but I don’t want to watch you die a little each day.

  2. Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness…. didn’t know where to shop. hehehehehe…

    Seriously…stop worrying too much. With your talents, attitude, and good looks…you’ll surely land on your feet…

  3. Thanks, turtle lover and Dave!

    …”good looks”…uhm, ok…hahahah a lot of people will contest that description but thanks for the encouragement.

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