Posted by: nastypen | January 17, 2007

Meryl Streep Almost Killed Me

I was at the gym last night working out.

I chose to sweat it off than to rush home to watch the Golden Globes on TV. I was pretty sure I can catch the interesting bits at youtube. so, when I arrived at the gym, there were television screens that I usually ignore. The Golden globes was on!

After about 45 minutes at the treadmill, I wanted to relax and watch the show. But, there was no sound from the TV monitors. You have to plug your earphones to the machine, which will not play unless you use the machine. So, I was all sweaty and red from the treadmill but I heaved my fat ass off to the stepper. It had the clearest vantage point to the TV monitors.

I was impatient to start the machine so unbeknownst to me, I hit the level three for the stepper — that’s pretty tough for a beginner and a heavy one at that, too. So I was all manic at the machine with my eyes blazingly focused at the TV screen. The guy next to me was a gym bunny and he was at the stepper at a lower level. He keptglancing at me as I was breathing heavily and grunting. If I paused, the audio will die.

It was the moment I was waiting for: Meryl Streep winning the Best Actress Award for a comedy/ Musical. My regiment increased and I burned more than a hundred calories in less than ten minutes. I can’t even smile that she won because I was concentrating, although she is one of the finest actresses EVER…and she reminds me of my mother. But I watched and stepped on.

When she was all done. I stopped and almost collapsed to the floor. The guy next to me had horror in his eyes. But I dismounted with aplomb only a trained beauty queen can muster. I was all woozy, my legs were shaking and my calves cramped, but I weakly smiled because on the sheer campiness of what just happened. I worked out the hardest so I can just watch the freaking Golden Globes! I was chuckling while grasping for breath.

I winded down at the exercycle. Fanatical teacher came to me and said “Kinareer mo ang work out today!” (You really worked out hard today). I muttered “Meryl Streep inspired me.”

She almost killed me, too.

Maybe I should not go to the gym and work out when the Oscars will be televised.  But this time, I’m rooting for Helen Mirren.



  1. diva+meryll+stepper+awards night = disaster. LOL. Karir ka nga girl!

  2. ROTFLMAO! This story is so FUNNY! I can imagine you on that stepper; if you were huffing and puffing as much as you say you were, I can imagine that the others in the gym must’ve been quite inspired… or perplexed.

  3. congratulations! soshal, i haven’t used something like that (the gym equipment with earphones) i’m waiting for the Golden Globe’s fashion police special : )

    watch ka later ng The Real Housewives in Orange County… 8pm at 2nd Ave.

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