Posted by: nastypen | January 16, 2007

Slow Down

I have been told that this week is “International Slow Down Week.” This is the time when one should not be a victim of road rage amidst the Metro Manila traffic. This is the time when you do not rush to check if there are any messages in your email/mobile inbox. this is the time to take a look at the decapitated building on your way to work and imagine its glory days. You get the idea.

Modern life is so fast. Instant answers from google, words shortened for quicker texting, news bullets in less than a minute, fast food and instant noodles consumed by the tons daily. So fast, so many things to do that one feels there is no time.

How apt. I am making a conscious decision to slow down in a race that I did not wish to join and see as pointless. “Workaholics” are generally revered in our culture. Even some sectors of society justify material accumulation as a dictum from the Bible. (Hell, even the American south used the Bible to justify slavery before). We work and gripe, we consume and fret. We are like hamsters in their treadmills. I am a workaholic. I think that label is limiting enough ergo I have to make a few small repairs in my life.

You know what happens if there is too much going on with your PC; opening 15 different websites, downloading two albums, saving a file, printing some documents, and watching a DVD at the same time? The PC will just hang. You have to rely on CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart.

I don’t want a Ctrl + Alt + Del life. After all, I’m a Mac user. But that’s beside the point.

I fear that day when I have too much going on with my life and that I spread myself so thin over tasks and obligations that my mind just draws a blank and I stop moving. Of course, it is stupid to just drop everything and do nothing. It is different to do nothing as compared to make more time to things that matter to you.

It’s not that I’m just going to flatline and do nothing…be nothing. I’ll just have a different pace. I need to chew my food slower, savor the taste and get my money’s worth. Hey, isn’t this a beauty queen tip? …to chew your food twenty times? Ok, I’m game. I would be all French with eating in small portions instead of my usual shovel-like gobs of food. A friend of mine underwent an operation for eating to fast thus causing the muscle connecting the esophagus and stomach to rip.

So, slow down, children, slow down.

This is why it took me so long to update my blog. I’m just enjoying the act of blogging and reading fantastic news like Meryll Streep bitchslaps Beyonce Knowles for the Golden Globes Award for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical; and that Helen Mirren just made history by winning acting accolades for portraying the two Elizabeth queens. Ok, I inserted some work into the process, too. hahaha.

Later tonight, I will have some soup and salad and just enjoy my time at the treadmill, trying not to fret as to why I am not burning calories as fast as the person next to me.

No sir, it’s my time and it’s my call on how I will spend it.

Make time for this one and read slowly…..hehehehe…..



  1. Well…as they say…..the problem with joining the rat race is that even when you win….. you are still a rat.

    You are relatively young to take risks and “commit mistakes” …go for it. And Good Luck.

  2. Tahnsk for the words of encouragement. 🙂 I need them as I am having panic attacks over the changes. I’ll be fine with the changes, I know. It’s “how soon will that happen” that’s the clincher.

  3. it`s been a while since i`ve last stumbled upon your place. :)) you`ve been plugging your url alot in your comics. haha. i added you pala sa multi po. hope you don`t mind. 🙂

    yeah, we should all slow down. every body`s just so busy. i guess that`s a down side of technology. we`re all used to getting things done quickly na we apply the fast pace to our daily lives. oh well. >_

  4. You know that we share the same sentiments somehow. We complain, we rant yet we live life to the fullest that we can do as far as we know it (though we hate others for living their lives either stupidly or… you know what I mean….)

    You’re right we have to slow down. Right now, I am suffering from sever coughing and have this awful and irritating colds. But here I am saying late and waking up really early. I am killing myself. But at times we need to make sacrifices but to what extent?

    We know each other capabilities. And for one, I know you can do it… the major decision of “moving on” and now this, slowing down.

    Your time, your life, your call Ü

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