Posted by: nastypen | January 14, 2007

“You’re Gonna Love MEEEEE!”

This is why Jake Gyllenhaal deserves to win the British Academy for Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for Best Supporting Actor for Brokeback Mountain: (this he-bitch can sing!)

If youtube took the clip down, visit my Multiply, it’s there.

I am going to watch Bill Condon‘s Dream Girls because I am a huge fan of the director. I will not watch it for Beyonce Knowles (Hate her so much!) nor Jennifer Hudson. While I know that Hudson is immensely talented, she can never out-Effie the original Effie, Jennifer Holiday. I’m sorry but when I was a young fagling and saw a clip of the original Broadway production of Dream Girls, Jennifer Holiday just blew my mind with her immense force of emotions. I did not understand what was going on but the way her eyes went wild while flaying about singing those “You’re gonna love meeee” lines.

I’m sure Hudson did justice to the song, but such is the case that the original will never be usurped in terms of performance.

But, Jake Gyllenhaal sang it with gusto and he held it ok, considering it was a spoof. God, he’s gorgeous and he can act AND sing. I hate him.

Anyhoo, I cannot wait to watch Dream Girls here in Manila and hope to god that a coterie of homos will watch it and there will be a collective shudder and soft weeping. It’s like the artsy fartsy homos watched Superman Returns for Parker Posey. One homo muttered “Parker Posey, Pasok!!!!” (Enter Parker Posey!!!!) to signify his boredom at the film. There were sniggering. He was not alone.

I’m sure the homos will troop to Dream Girls for that one song alone. That song belongs to the soundtrack of the gay movement.

And you, and you,and you’re gonna love meeeeee…….

True words, indeed, to those who think we are abhorrent.



  1. i wanna watch it rin. just curious. it`s been a while since i last read your blog. >_

  2. woops. cut. >__

  3. I loooovvvveeee him more! Gahd! 😉

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