Posted by: nastypen | January 10, 2007

Pump Up The Valium

Something is wrong with the office internet today. I can’t seem to blog. It’s like the system is telling me to work instead. Pfah!

So, anyway, I have a massive headache today that I hope will go away once I hit the treadmill. I did not sleep well last night on account of a weird dream.

I was in this old house that is like a warped amalgamation of a Victorian English mansion and a Spanish colonial house in the Philippines. I was in a room that felt like it was my bedroom. I felt that I had to go to the bathroom. When I opened the door, I saw a vast pit instead. It was clean save for a gaggle of baboons milling about.

I saw my dad climbing up a ladder wanting to talk to me. I haven’t dreamt of my late dad for so long and I wanted to talk to him, too. But I found myself in the middle of the pit with the baboons screeching. From their body language, the baboons were hungry and wanted to eat me. The head baboon rushed to me and yanked my arm and he was screaming and was about to bite when I pulled away and started to run. So, yes, in my dreams, I can outrun fierce carnivorous baboons.

I rushed out of the mansion and sought refuge in parked black buses parked out front. I went inside to find all these caucasian people sitting inside looking stoic. they were in business suits and I could have sworn there were some Hollywood stars.

Then this sexy blonde woman gets in, tears off her face to reveal a snarling cat face. I was sitting down and she lunged at my seatmate. She tore his neck and the jugular just cam dangling to my face. I jumped off the bus only to see discarded masks around and the people that wore them were attacking other people. The attackers had bloody cat faces snarling as they chomp off meat and tendon.

I was walking and thinking, “How come nobody is attacking me?”

Then the carnage stopped. the cat-faced creatures were staring at me. they stood silently snarling and walked to me.

I woke up.

Goodness. To think I just had ampalaya and carrots for dinner! Is this what healthy food can do to my dreams?

Anyway, I’m feeling a bit under the weather and these pics simmered down my negative emotions:

This is a photo of the boyfriend when he was baptised centuries ago. This is the only time the boyfriend was fatter than me. When I was an infant, I was so thin and small, people did not expect that a massive bear will grow from this tiny bundle of eyes. But look at the boyfriend when he was a baby:

ka-cute ni kuya bear!!!!!

Aaaaawwwww….are those legs or bazookas? How cute! My goodness, he’s sleeping too. Judging from my baby photos, I had wild eyes of fear and bewilderment when I was baptised.

This magazine clip made me laugh:

Jack Black is my hero.

Man-boobs? Darling, I’m the empress dowager of man-boobs. I have bigger boobs than my female cousins! Even trannies say I have the goods, now if only I just shave off my beard.

And a portrait of yours truly:

Beauty and the Beast

This was taken in two seconds. Lawrence was just trying out the camera and I had the sharpness to pose with Irwin, my noteholder, given to me by Faye. Irwin is named after the late great Steve Irwin: Crocodile Hunter because he died what he loved doing.

This noteholder should remind me to stoke my passions, because little else matters if one must have a fulfilled life.



  1. Wow! Angelina Jolie ang pose mo!!! Can I be Zahara? Hehehe.

  2. Wow, the baby must have been a Michelin mascot.

  3. how lalim my dear! where are your baby pics? In fairness, flawlessness ka dyan sa pic mo with irwin. what’s your secret?

  4. Secret? Adobe Photoshop! CHARING!!!! hahahahahaha allergic ako sa stress para laging glowing ang skin…chozzzz

  5. Wow! that pic is fierce! hahahaha! miss you sir chong!

  6. weird dream nga… pero parang pwedeng gawing short film ni tim burton o kaya mga eksena sa isang graphic novel ni frank miller.

    gusto ko sana i-interpret ang dream, kaso parang puro nega. kaya witchiemelles na lang sistah!

    inggit lang sila sa jugelyas mow.

  7. kamukha ni adi tatay nya!!!!

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