Posted by: nastypen | January 8, 2007

In Pain

I can barely walk.

My thighs feel like they have been stabbed. Walking to work in this state is itself a workout. I usually walk fast, but this morning, my grandfather walks faster than me with a spring in his step, too. My muscles are reacting after years of being a couch potato and submitted them to a couple of work out sessions in the gym.

Yesterday, Nemcy (aka Purple Crayon) was hardore! She finished 30 minutes of that stupid stepper, I can barely make it into 15 minutes. I compensated by going at it almost an hour at the treadmill, which I immensely enjoyed. I was listening to Madonna‘s Hung Up song and was dancing at the treadmill. The lady next to me was giving me evil eyes for bopping about.

Nemcy and I joined the aero-kickboxing. I only lasted about 40 minutes. Both my thighs cramped. they felt like a couple of hollowblocks. So, I had to stop. I felt so angry at myself for not finishing the session. I do not like to leave things undone.

The instructor came to me after for commending that I tried. He said he had students collapsing in class. I told him I don’t want to collapse because that would mean they would need to rent a tractor to pick my fat ass off the floor.

Still, I’m pretty proud of myself. I mean, I am just starting all over again at the gym. The instructor told me not to show up today at the gym. Let my body rest for a bit. He came to me as I was huffing and puffing at the treadmill and he was concerend that I’m pushing myself a bit too much.

Too bad, there will a class later on striptease dancing ahahahaa. That would be a sight for people to lose their lunches, me doing striptease. But hey, I was told I can dance and I really like dancing. Socrates danced at daybreak for his health. So, I couldn’t care for those dumb weight training. I’m here to have fun and dance. I even have a playlist of tunes I selected when I am stripdancing. Here’s the list from my new multiply account (Yes, I returned).

I work out with some local celebs. Like there is this guy who is with one arm movement, he would sweat like crazy. He always positions himself where everyone can see him work out. Please, he sweats so much, he looks like he was varnished. And then there is this admitted drug addict returning to the healthy mode. good for him. Anyhoo, celebs or not, I hope they don’t mind that I go to the showers with three towels, two plastic bags filled with toiletries. Right. As if. Care ko sa earth nila diba?

Well, I just heard a piece of news right now that would normally send my temper up in the stratosphere. Perhaps it’s the pain that is keeping me level-headed. Or perhaps I am just resigned to the fact that there are always morons on this earth and that they cause you grief….ONLY IF YOU LET THEM. Which I won’t.

Anyway, today is Faye‘s first day at work with me in this office. We’ve come a long way, Faye, from the time you helped me steal silverware from the school canteen. So, I am to take her around the building with my severely cramped legs and introduce her to the members of the snake pits….er…offices.

And it’s just not my thighs that hurt. Oh Lord it hurts when I sneeze. That ab work out is a major bitch. But I press on.

Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. you and jher are definitely singing the same tune. mag-usap kayong dalawa. hahahaha. parang ang taray diba? hugs, hugs, gurl!

  2. I lab you. To the max. Forever. Hehehe.

  3. Hi Faye!!!! How’s the First Day at the Office with Nasty Pen??? Hope to meet you soon.

    Bro Bear, keep it up!!! Can’t wait to see you!!!

  4. Awww, go go go!!!!

    Text me whenever you plan to go to the gym!!!

  5. Hi, Kuya Bear! I wanna meet you, too because you are cute and nice. Hehehe.

  6. congrats sister sa iyong bagong adventure! hahahaha. i went back to the gym last friday lang. unlike you tho, im into weight training, had to tone my sagging muscles since i stopped for a year. i had to get rid of the extra bulges sa tiyan so i walked/ran 30 mins sa treadmill.

    the next day, the pain was killing me. kaloka di ba? parang gusto mong laklakin ang isang banig ng alaxan para mawala lang ang sakit.

    anyhoo im feeling much better now. and you will too. the results will be worth it. 😛

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