Posted by: nastypen | January 7, 2007

Guess Who Returned to the World of Working Out

Just call me Gym Bear. I’m too fab and fat to be a gym bunny.

Oh yes…I’m sore now. Muscles I did not know existed are in pain now from the shock of me working out for three hours.

So, yes, I returned to working out. Yes, it was a hefty dent on my wallet. But I need to do this. I have to be healthy again. I don’t like to huff and wheeze everytime I climb the stairs up the MRT. And I tell you, after the work out session yesterday, my first in TEN YEARS, I felt the endorphines kick in.

I ballooned because I stopped working out. I used to hit the gym back in UP Diliman days when I would open the gym with the janitor and work out from 7am and finish before my 9am class. I went there almost everyday.

But I became busy so I had to stop and ergo I fattened. I was such a twinky material then. Older men, at the time, would ask me out on dates! hahahaha. Owell, then I was Ariel, now, I’m Ursula.

I mean check out this photo of me BEFORE I started to work out in the ’90s. That’s me in the Taz shirt….*shudder* 90s look:

thin queen!

Hahahaha. I don’t mind being fat, really. The boyfriend likes it. I look like my dad now and my dad was cute. But, I want to keep my health in check. So, I don’t set out to be a gym bunny with ripped abs. I just want to appease the nagging sounds of diabetes et al and fight them off by sweating like a work horse on the treadmill.

So, it would be great to work out with a support system. I asked my virtual girlfriend, Purple Crayon, to work out with me. We were both excited, of course. It was nice to have someone do this with.

First thing we did was to hit the treadmill, which I absolutely enjoyed. I fit in the treadmill! That’s a great start! I see people jogging at a higher speed. I was just brisk walking and trotting. But I did some Naomi Campbell walks. I bet nobody in that work area would do a catwalk sashay in the treadmill. I almost fell off though. Hahah. My goal is to dance and sashay on the treadmill in the coming months with matching spinning around. I was listening to KelisMilkshake in my ipod. So I was dancing, too. I didn’t care. I wanted to enjoy this. And I did.

What I didn’t enjoy was this contraption about stepping and elevation…sorry, forgot the name. I only lasted eight minutes there. The gym instructor wondered why I hated it until he found out I pressed the wrong button and increased the resistence up to non-amateur levels.

The virtual girlfriend and I rode the stationary bicycle gabbing about stuff on how excited we were for the yogilates (Yoga + Pilates) class later.

Yogilates….I HATE IT! I was shaking like a giant wet kitten from the sheer difficulty of poses and lifting my pillar-like legs. The only good things there were that the sweat just came down like the Maria Christina Falls and that the Virtual Girlfriend found out that she can do the “Victory Joe” sexual position easily. hahaha. Other than that, I was the class dunce! I was heaving and grunting careful not to fart next to this model who was pliant like clay.

But I was shock to find out that there is this lady, much thinner than me, folded her yoga mat and walked out of the classroom. I’m proud to have stayed the entire battering session with fumbles. I was just freaking starting all over again, so I am allowed such clumsiness. But, man, I wish there were no security cameras recording. It could be a clip for the Biggest Loser Philippines.

The yogilates instructor was saying “You want that six-pack for the summer right?”

I muttered while on one knee with my right foot jutting out and left arm reaching out and shaking like Aretha Franklin‘s flab, “I can drink a six pack!”

After the class, Purple Crayon and I found strength to laugh at how stupid I looked and how she had a hard time. I’m sorry, I can draw circles but I cannot draw circles with my feet up in the air, ankles together. I was making ellipses or even broken lines not circles.

Purple Crayon and I decided to lay off the yogilates and just enroll in the dance classes for a bit. If we gain confidence and shed those pounds we’ll return to yogilates.

After the work out, we went to our locker rooms. I brought my clothes with me to the shower. No way am I going to walk out and strut with my hanging bellies (note, plural). I am severely traumatized in high school that I always change inside the shower stall, even when I was thin and buff.

Besides, I had a leopard print sports bag, bright orange Ronald McDonald’s rubber shoes with a pink fluffy towel, so more attention to my bellies and stretch marks from hell are a no-no.

Ok, have to go now and ready myself for a cardio-kickboxing session. It’s amazing that I can still walk after yesterday. The instructor was expecting me to wrap up after an hour. He was happy that I reached three. Hey, I’m dogged on working out and being healthy.



  1. Hmmmmm. I still think na mas guapo ka ngayon. Way to go GYM BEAR!!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

  2. wow, congratulations, mare! husband also went back to being gyminy cricket last monday and he has been complaining of sore muscles eclavu. i was worried and getting a little…ehem…frustrated because he might not be able to…ehem…because he is so tired. (hehehe) thankfully…(interstellar pause) hahahaha! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    oh my god, is that you??? you look like a Revilla! hahahaha! reading this entry came at good timing coz husband and i just finished our trip down memory lane. pulled out my albums from the 80’s and 90’s and we had a good laugh at the fashion and hairstyles.

    good luck, mare. you have also given me the much needed push to really go back. started dieting and for one who loves to cook and eat, it’s a struggle…one which i am winning though. 🙂 hugs and kisses, dahlin!

  3. wow how fun! if only i have the $$$ i will also enroll in a posh gym so i can workout with instructors and gym-mates haha. keep it up ^^

  4. Hmmm. I remember how my classmates envied me for hanging out with you at the CASAA in the 1990s. They asked, “Sino ynag tisoy na kasama mo?” I was the envy of my Spanish class. Those were the days, indeed. But now, when I hang out with you and hug you, at least your sister no longer thinks I wanna corrupt you. Hehehe.

  5. And of course… you made “buking” that I can make that position. The position I never thought… nah! Nevermind… I’ve been saying that everytime you mention it to anyone :p

    Hahaha! 😀

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