Posted by: nastypen | January 3, 2007

It Came from the Next Cubicle!, part 2

Officemate asks:

Carlos Agassi, diba tennis player yan? (Carlos Agassi is a tennis player right?)





    Infectious ‘yan… alam mo ba? :p

  2. Oscar de la Renta, di ba boxer yan??? or Agot Isidro, di ba sila pa ni Monsour del Rosario.

    God, I wanna faint.

  3. ay may “ganyan” din sa office nyo? hahahaha! my fag hag at home during one of our many videoke sessions:

    Me: O, 80’s ang theme. Pili na kayo go!

    Fag Hag: (Miss Eagerness) Alam ko na, alam ko na! “You’re in Love” by PHILIP WILLIAMS!!!

    Me: Ganon? Kapatid na lalaki nina Venus and Serena???


    Click here for more of her kagagahans!

  4. […] it was to chronicle, poke fun and laugh at one’s verbal diarrhea and booboos.  Much like Nastypen’s “It Came From the Next Cubicle” series.  Everyone became veeeery cautious and careful […]

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