Posted by: nastypen | January 2, 2007

Zipping through

I listened to The Beatles in my ipod on the way to work.  I thought it would be a great tune selection on the first day back to work this year.

So here I am back in my cubicle and the first thing I did will be a blog post later.  Then I just opened a file astarted what I left off last year.  As the Beatles sang “All you need is love,” I had to sneer because if that were the case then the billions of dollars the Beatles earned should have been given to charity to practice what they preach.. .er….sing.
So, not being able to stomach the hypocrisy of the song, I switched my playlist to one of the most fantastic soundtracks on earth, the music from film adaptation of the Roddy Doyle novel The Commitments.

2007 is here.  So what are the things to watch out for?  Well, my sister is getting married.  This will be one of the most defining moments for the family this year.  The first marriage in the family.  EVERYONE has been egging her when will she get hitched as if her life literally depended on a wedding.  I know now my cousins can heave a sigh of relief because now that my sister is getting married, being the eldest among the grandchildren, that merits a go signal for the cousins to get hitched.  No, I made it clear I’m not the traditional type.  Lord knows, I cannot marry here.

So, my sister flew in from Hong Kong to go stay with the fiancee’s family while I flew to Dubai for my mom during the holidays.  I just met my sister yesterday and had a marathon planning session for the wedding.  One thing was made clear to me by my sister:  I had to make her the fabulous one because it’s her big day.  So, I guess my serpentina gown with faux fur lining shall be worn in another occasion.

Oh yes, I will paint again.   I just set a precedent that will allow me to paint again.  I need to regain some things lost to me this 2007.

But for now, back to work-related reality.

Thank goodness for music to keep me buffered.



  1. enjoy the lenten season! chos. hahahaha! i didn’t want the usual greeting coz i was thinking, baka urat na urat ka na with the number of “happy new year” greetings, unknown to me eh you have filed a petition to ban or at least limit the usage of said greeting especially when delivered/sent post-January 1st. hahahaha!

    i would just like to say, dahlin, that you have been one of my favorite people this year. i admire your honesty, sweetie. you remain true to what your blog provides: coping mechanisms for the diva in all of us. luv ya, mare! (hugs you tight) may you have whatever your heart desires this year…

  2. iPods can be our escape and create our own world… been doing that 😉 But hey, be careful in using it when you are commuting ha?

    Haaaayyyy… I am excited for Ate! Another wedding… and I am envious. Sayang! I never met up with her during the holidays 😦

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