Posted by: nastypen | December 30, 2006

The Old and the New

I woke up to the piece of news that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was executed. And just in time for the holiest Muslim act, the Hajj, that is starting in Mecca. Somehow, I don’t think this will stop the insurgency in Iraq. I wonder what the mood will be like in Dubai to find out that an Arab leader was executed amidst a hugely botched up American military excursion in Iraq.


My little sister has commented that I have poor skin these days. Usually, I have the best skin in the brood. Now, it’s not luminous, but a dull sheen of everyday wear and tear. My skin became a typical straight man’s skin!?!?

I don’t use beauty products. I don’t do facials. My former oficemates used to tease me that I look like I just spent a fortune from th dermatologist. I don’t. I used to have such radiant skin.

Not to mention, I have grey hairs sticking out the side of my head and from my right eyebrow! I saw a photo of my graduation years ago and I looked like I was burning with idealism….like I canot wait to do things….my robust red cheeks framed my big smile and twinkling eyes. I looked so….happy.

Well there are things in the recent years that fasttracked my aging process I guess. I am not alarmed. Please I am not afraid of aging. I’m afraid of wasted life.

I am quite introspective these days because it will be a new year soon. I will spend the first hour of the first day of the first month of the year inside an airport terminal. It’ll be a quiet experience I’m sure. I made some decisions in the past few days and I need to be calm to stick to those decisions.

Anyway to ring a new year (a brand new life?), I saw a pair of old glasses I had I had not worn in almost three years. I started to wear these pairs of thick rimmed glasses back in 1997. An old classmate saw me at an art gallery months ago and said my old pair had so much character than the more expensive and snazzier pair I had on.

I had to agree. I love that pair but my elder sister claimed it for her reading glasses. Then I saw it collecting dust in one of the drawers and decided to reclaim it.

So, I am now wearing what I call the “Ninoy Aquino glasses.”

Ipod divas

Oh, by the way, the one sheathed in pink faux leather is Shondrella, my brand new ipod video with 80gb I bought on sale here for the price that could fetch me an ipod 60gb in the Philippines. I denied myself from having an ipod for so long that I decided to make it my Christmas gift to myself and my birthday present as well despite the fact that my birthday is months away; just to make the cost more bearable for me.

So, yey, I gave in to consummerism. Bring out the beer. Yey.  I don’t think I shall be buying anything more than 300 pesos (aside from groceries and bills) for the next x number of months.

Anyway, I met up with my College buddy Birdie and invited him to a dinner cruise with the family around the Dubai waterways.

We commented that Birdie is so thin that when it rains, he does not get wet.

Thin men

Spot the difference, y’all.


I saw this cute older guy that resembles my boyfriend and giggled to my sister and mother. My mother later spoke to the wife and the daughter just for a small chitchat. It turns out that they came from Tajikistan and were on dubai for a vacation. The Tajik mom pointed at me and muttered in Russian that I look lik her son. Great, I look Central Asian this time.

While waiting for the buffet line to open, I was fooling around with Birdie as my victim:

Princess Leia in the house?

It’s amazing that we’re friends consider how I “abuse” him. Well he once kicked a pillow to my face that knocked me down to the floor.

the desert night is soooo nippy.  It got so cold and poor mom and Ronnie cannot stand it that they had to cover their heads.  thing is, mom brought out her shawl and ronnie used the table napkin.


Thank goodness for my 469 layers of fat, I’m well insulated.

*Sigh* hard to believe my vacation is over just like that.  In a couple of days, I’m back to the cubicle.  I cannot wait for the gems of wisdom from some people at work to be bestowed upon me this start of 2007.

I’ll miss these two terribly:

Mother and daughter

That’s my mom and my fag hag sister.  Mom, get well soon.  I promise to lose ….uhm….3lbs this year.  Bitch, love your cape.  All you need is a magnifying lens and a Victorian gentleman’s sporting cap and you’re the gay Sherlock Holmes.

Ok, have to pack now.  I don’t know when I arrive in Manila if the telecommunications stuff are fixed from the southern Taiwanese earthquake recently.  I hope I can blog.  Lately, it’s one of the very few things I truly enjoy.

Can’t stop the flood in 2007, bitches!!!!!



  1. Wow! Your sister is really pretty! Hay, maraming nagaabang na sa iyo dito sa Pinas! Anyway, Happy New Year to you on board the airplane! Nga pala, may striptease class na every Mondays sa Gold’s Gym Glorietta! You might want to reconsider and join na!

  2. fanatical teacher!!!! My sister is grateful for the comment. Yes, Gold’s Gym’s stripper class sounds interesting. I hope I can play badminton again. I’ll see you soon.

  3. Tita Ching and Dang are sooooo pretty… no, beautiful! the more i see your photos in Dubai, makes me want to board an airplane and go there… hope I’ll win lotto and definitely Dubai will be one of my stops.

    Hope to meet Shondrella (and her PINK coat) soon…

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