Posted by: nastypen | December 29, 2006

Cultural Desert

Puñetang buhay na ito….Boom tarat tarat followed me in Dubai.

I was berating my mother as to why she had to waste her money by subscribing to sh*tfest The Filipino Channel. I remember the last time I was here, I just arrived relieved to be away from Manila only to be greeted by Pinoy Big Brother’s announcement of the Big Winner. These are things I prefer not to waste my brain cells on.

TFC’s signal totally disrupted the other English channels in the pad’s cable. And for what? Willie Revillame‘s ugly mug? Everytime I see his smiling face, I feel violated.

And then there’s Kris Aquino who creeps me out by harping about her pregnancy as if this is her first time to be pregnant. Why God? Why is there no BBC in this pad and why is there Pedro Penduko? Don’t they know, God, that ABS-CBN can be credited for single-handedly scrapping English proficiency and good taste in the Philippines for shoving Tagalog tabloidal shows? To a point of even dubbing some shows into Tagalog?!!? And this is a country whose citizens want to be nurses to be employed in America and could not differentiate from “There,” They’re” and “Their?”

My mom claims she subscribed to TFC to watch the news. Great. I know how credible and informative ABS-CBN news can be. Was it Mark Logan who was shortlisted for a Peabody award? How about Abner Mercado and his yashmagh (Arab scarf) twirled around his neck as if to make his face more interesting to keep away from the fact that his news stories are self-gratifying on his account and dabbling into almost absence of substance? Maria Resa is said to head the ABS-CBN news group. Honey, can you please tell your pool of reporters that it is all about the news and not about them and please refrain Doland Castro from showing his face because lord knows there are enough atrocities in your junk newscast.

God. I miss BBC.

It’s like I’m in a cultural desert.

This is just so mind-numbingly stupid.

so what to do in Dubai? Well, I went to an “arts and culture hall” and was puking in my mouth because their art is all about portrait of race horses. The government of Dubai wants to be cultural center in the Middle East and have shelled out billions of Euros to set up a huge art museum, an opera house (these two are still being bui;t alongside at least 7 dozen {a very conservative estimate} structures in Dubai) and they have now the Dubai International Film Festival whose biggest sellers are the Bollywood films.

So, unless I can afford to be a blind consumer of brands in the several malls here but I am no so, for now, I have to be content with framed oil paintings of stallions.

…and watching Wowowee because Manang Padak loves it…or rather is the next “best” thing to watch Eat Bulaga, which she terribly misses but can’t watch.

Should I decide to work here, I might become stupid from exposue to ABS-CBN….and since there are no great art galleries nor cheap books here, my brain has a good chance to be as fertile as the desert.

Well, at least there’s the internet and they did not block the BBC and newsweek sites.



  1. Chong, “cultural desert”–good one! mwahahaha! and the “why me” pix even more so!

  2. Sorry to here your cultural desert experience there

  3. thanks, sir dengcoy.

    Fanatical teacher, don’t be sorry. It’s a great experience nonetheless.

  4. Should you decide to work there, I can always send you some comic books, porn, and other contraband. I am a friend to you–whether you are in the urban hell that is Manila or the desert that is Dubai. Anything to make you smile for real again. 🙂

  5. naku poor you… i hope you still have a great time there. pose lang ng pose for those great pictures! : )

  6. Well, we have been bombarded and tortured with events like these… when you have no other choice but to “endure” the torture… “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…”

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