Posted by: nastypen | December 27, 2006

Changes and Shisha and the Desert Rose

Whoa, have not blogged for quite some time.

I was just sitting around the couch after watching a marathon of Heroes and Ugly Betty when I chanced upon the 2007 horoscope magazine. Now my philosophy with the esoteric is “If it sounds good, it’ll happen. If the prediciton is less desireable…I am truly the only one in control of my destiny and horoscopes can be disposable.”

It says in the 2007 reading of Pisces is that major changes will occur. That 2007 is a decisive year. I was sitting win my cleopatric pose reading that magazine when I chanced upon those lines, my toes curled from fright and anticipation. I was just thinking of some changes for a few months now.

Normal instinct for a lot of people is that change is frightening. I am scared sh*tless if you ask me. I make a mental list on the bad things that can happen and I feel like screaming and run to mommy and seek miasma. But in reality, mommy dearest is tired and she wants that her children make the right decisions.

When I asked her the other night about certain plans, she just harrumphed because I interrupted her reading an article about Lea Salonga and her baby. Of course, I was not hurt by that dismissal. I wouldn’t want to burden my mom with my insecurity.

But this is what I know for sure:


I have lost sight on what really matters to me. I feel like I’m a hallow 52-year-old. It’s like I have to spend so much to have fun when just years ago I could just easily do things at the snap of my diva fingers.

So, I made some decisions and I’m scared to act on them. But I have to.

I feel this is the best Christmas gift I’m giving myself.

Ok, have to go breathe in some desert wind.

Or I could just indulge myself in some shisha.

I told my mom and sister and my friends, if ever I decide to work in Dubai, it would because of the Arabic smoking activity shisha. I got introduced to this last year and I had a hankering for some puffs.


Dragon lady?


Am I High?  Not really.

My cousin Mavee said I looked like a Koala. A giant Koala.

Well, for the past few days in Dubai, I met up with a classmate, went to my mom’snew office, berrated my mother for working despite after her operation and doctor’s instructions that she not work for a few weeks. It’s Dubai’s shopping festival and everone here is shopping like crazy. The arabs and rich indians buy gold by the shopping cart. I just bought me a couple of paintbrushes. Yes, I’m the bastard son of Lucio Tan in terms of wealth.

But that did not stop me from cam whoring.

Here’s me at my mom’s office with the Philippine flag and a pot of potpourri. I sense a beauty title coming up:

....and world peace.

This is me at the Christmas party. Yes, Bailey’s is my best friend.

Barfing beauty

I asked my sister to take a photo of an idea I have for an ad campaign for Bailey’s:

bathtub beauty2

The copy should be “Bailey’s. Bathroom buddy.” Of course, I’m acting here. Close friends know I don’t get ass-faced drunk.

And my mother insisted that I go with my sister, her boyfriend Ronnie with our cousin Mavee to the Desert Safari.


I wanted to go to the mall and vegetate but I want to expereince again squealing like a little girl as our van would plow through the desert dunes. I agreed eventually because of the free shisha that comes with the safari. But I wanted to have my picture taken with camels. Last year, I rode one and the poor camel filed its resignation from the camp. I had one photo taken with the camel but it lunged at me. Thank goodness it was wearing a mouth gard, or else I’d have a nasty “kiss mark” at the side of my face.

The guide told me that one Australian woman was so taken by the camels that she hopped off the van and approached the camel herd. She was stroking the face of the camels and was making those irritating baby sounds. One camel went to her and kicked her in the inner thigh. Mind you a camel does not weigh like a chihuahua. The baby sounds gave way to her wailing like a banshee.

While the driver of the van, a filipino, who is the COOLEST DRIVER ON EARTH, was careening to what looks like an alien planet’s landscape. We were hurtled about and dipped into steep sand dunes and I was cluthing at my seat belt and yelping.

But we did have fun. Here are some pics:

open the zipper!!!!

This is me violating my sister’s boyfirend. The sand was not hot nor coarse. It was as fine as Boracay, if not colder thanks to the dip in desert temperature.

For my desert wear, I wore my new pair of Aldo shoes with argyle socks.

whoa nellyPrint explosion at the desert.


I get to watch a belly dancer again. I like the bitch’s entrance. May be I should borrow her costume for the reunion?

sashay shantay!!!!

I like her more than what I saw last year. It was this tall Russian beautiful belly dancer with no belly, just abs which looks disgusting if you’re trying to belly dance. That Russain was like an Ice queen. She was not smiling and she looked like a dead woman dancing. The belly dancer this year was great. She was twirling magically at the center nd she asked men to join her only to dance with their bellies hanging out of their shirt.

Needless to say, I walked awayfrom the dance floor and sought refuge. The world is not ready to see my heaving belly.

Ok, I really have to stop blogging now. I have to go to another “adventure.”



  1. good to know you can blog there in dubai!

  2. I am late yet of course, I can’t pass this one out…

    Dahlin’… the photos are great… and as for you “decision”… it is a risk BUT keep in mind it’s for YOUR OWN GOOD.

    You’ll manage… ‘kaw pa!

    Btw, If anyone doesn’t know you… the photos with shisha… dahlin’ you’re not a diva there but a gwapito… teeheeheehee… so, hindi ka giant Koala! 😉

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