Posted by: nastypen | December 11, 2006

Third Sex?!?!?

I was supposed to meet parents yesterday at the school. I was not able to make it because I was bogged down with the nasty coughs.

Apparently, there was a mother who rasied a question “How many members of the third sex are there in this school? Why do you allow them eventhough this is a Catholic school?”

That woman better thank the Holy trinity, the Virgin Mary, all the Angels and Saints that I was not there to break out into litany versus stupidity and ignorance. This is just the type of people that need to be educated.

First of all, “third sex?” Is there a heirarchy that I was not made aware of? So, males are the first sex, women, the second sex and the fab ones the third? What the? This is so neanderthalic! Bring out the clubs and the Freddy Flintstone outfits!

It is like that stupid comment by this girl about her younger brother not being made to watch Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros because that might make him gay. Oh the stupidity. It is like saying I don’t want to listen to Whitney Houston because I might turn black! WHAT THE FUH?!?!?

Secondly, so what if there are queers in the Catholic school? Jesus Christ never discriminated, why should we?

God, is this the type of moron that believe in certain gender roles in society? I bet she believes that men should be hairy and brusque. She’s the type to believe that a manly man should be like Sean Connery with his gruff voice, calculated moves and penetrating gaze and his carpet chest.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you People Magazine’s choice for sexiest man of the 20th Century, SEAN CONNERY:



This goes to show that not all that glitters is gold….not all gays are screaming queens, not all lesbians look like MMDA traffic enforcers, not all macho men want to be with ladies, not all Sean Connery pictures are oozing with manhood.

You must not classify us with a heirarchy according to orientation.

BROADEN YOUR HORIZON, YOU IGNORANT BITCH! and you breed for crying out loud!



  1. like kita.

  2. akala ko bagong kalaban ni panday… si sean connery pala.

    pagaling ka, bawal magkasakit.

  3. Hola fill, salamat sa pagbati! Mababaliw ang panday kapag eto ang kontra nya!

    Mandaya Moore!!! Like rin kita! Love ko byuti parlor mo pramis! with darna ornamentation pa!!!

  4. Whoever that parent is, sana… SANA bakla nga anak nya para masagot nyang tanong at pasanin nyang discrimination nya! hindi man lang kayo ginalang? if i know she watches LOTR and didnt know that the actor playing Gandalf is gay! ‘Nuvah!

    Wow! Where did you dig up that Sean Connery’s photo?! Di kaya bawiin ang pagka-007 at knighthood nya with that!? Hahaha!

    Downside? We are bith experiencing it… physically and emotionally! Fight lang! Ganun naman lagi eh, di vah?! 😉

  5. love ko ang boots nya. hahahahahah

  6. hay nako buti na lang absent ka at wala din ako dun. Tataas ang kilay ko… ahahay… kumukulo ang dugo ko. nasakto pang meron kong period.

  7. That woman’s so in the dark ages. Hello! we’re in the 21st century already and changes like deviancy invasion are all but natural and expected. What’s more, much more NEW changes will be COMING OUT on the days to come. Malay natin, novices or much better, CONVERTS. Ipanalangin na lang nya na her own son won’t be one. 😀

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