Posted by: nastypen | December 10, 2006


(Updated because Mau Marcelo is the first Philippine Idol)

I found out late yesterday that I have some free tickets for the Philippine Idol finals. So, I crammed myself inside the MRT trains and went to Cubao to meet with friends who were going to watch the finlas.

I simply stopped watching when Pow Chavez got the boot. Although I am keenly aware of the demand for the tickets with ABC5 saying they have had requests ranging into the tens of thousands. I saw vacant seats strewned about the venue.

We were at the upper box and apparently we sat where the fans of Jan Nieto clustered together all of them donning the color blue. Now, I have to admit, I do not really know all the idols. I only know my faves like Pow, Mau and Gian. the rest can all burn in obscurity for all I care. So, when the blue crowd chanted “Jan Nieto! Jan Nieto!” Over and over again, I said “Are they screaming ‘Janitor?'”

I was wearing orange, not because I’m a Gian fan, but I would support Mau, but God knows why the color yellow was chosen for her. I do not have any yellow shirts. Besides, had I worn yellow, I’d look like a walking sun. so there.

Some observations:

Tuesday Vargas rocks. She hosted the preshow event and she had me in stitches.

Dios mio. ang daming bading nanonood talaga ng Idol. Swear.

• Why is Ryan Agoncillo wearing a bib?

• Mau fans sang Boom tarat tarat as a cheer for her. I wanted to hurl tear gas at them.

• Jan Nieto has a great machinery for fans. There were numerous streamers and tarps with his face on it. they even had blue pompom’s. I was just screaming for Pow Chavez who deserved to be in the final three. Not him.

• ALTHOUGH….Jan was the most consistent performer that night. Many were surprised at that.

Volare? Why would the judges pick Volare for Gian? That was a major deal breaker.

• Who was Mau’s stylist? She is touted as a diva but girl looked like a pinata at one point last night?

• Gian is a world class performer? He sounded like a well-oiled machine to me last night. I ws so severly disappointed.

• Mau’s last performance was On My Own. I thought it was Eponine‘s piece from Les Miserables and cannot wait to hear it. Then it was that Whitney Houston song instead. Oh yes, I remembered, this is Philippine Idol. No high brow music here, just Balut and Volare.

Gretchen Barreto should be given a National Artist award for being luminous.

• Jan’s fans cheered him on even during the break. they were a hearty bunch. saw some really cute girls and guys in blue. I wanted to ask them how much was their budget for the “cheering collaterals” they brought with them.

Mo twister is back? He was a judge?! His opinions matter? Wow, this country is really f*cked up.

Francis M was booed and he deserved more than that….like swift kicks to the gonads.

Pilita Corales should just be put under medication.

• The abovementioned judges are the Philippine Idol’s biggest liabilities. Words fail them literally.

• why is it that the morons said that it would be a male Philippine Idol?! I was angry for Mau for pre-empting her. But then again, Mau can be classified as male kasi bakla siya. Mabuhay ang mga bading!

• A friend of mine texted that she is disgusted that the judges are pimping Jan for the win. I replied “Perhaps Philippine Idol wants to be partners with Unilever in the next season? Charing!” this, of course, from the massive accusations that Jan, who works for the multinational company Unilever, has cornered the Unilever bloc vote.

• Pilita spewed about Jan’s “Charm of humility?” What the f*ck is that? Perhaps Pilita misconstrued insecurity for humility? Jan was pretty charming and good that night but he did not blow me away. Sadly, none of them really did.

Ryan Cayabyab is harsh but not consistent like Simon Cowell. Why would he slam Mau then not mention that Jan has had SEVERAL flat notes and deal with Gian with kid gloves?

• Mau just brought the house down with her On My Own. The entire Araneta was engulfed by cheers. I was sitting among Jan’s fanbase and I was the only one screaming. Mau just killed it. If her last performance’s applause was any indication, she would be Philippine Idol. But I am not holding my breath. But it was a formidable feeling to be enveloped by such vibrating adulation.

• but, I was bored most of the time, I’m sorry, hence the *YAWN*.

• At the end of the night, I voted for Pow. Yes, Pow.

I only watched Philippine Idol finals because YOVA invited me. I wanted to see her and bitch did not disappoint me with her outfit. She was like a gliding nymph with her almost diaphanous piece of cloth hanging from her boobs with bell sleeves to boot! Yova should have gotten best dressed Diva of the night. hahahah.

What happens when two bitch divas collide?


A print explosion.

My goodness Yova, us in our print outfits just shocked and awed people. But bitch has fans! When we were done with the show, we decided to have dinner at Italianni’s (I hate that place but majority wins) and then we were stopped by this guy who asked ME to take a photo of him and his friends with Yova. I almost threw the camera to the floor but Yova worked it like Naomi Campbell works it at catwalks. So, I obliged.

Yova and I chatted. I asked her if she wants to work here in Manila. She said she can ahve a lateral transfer and work here but is scared of Manila’s hostilities like abusive taxi drivers and the vast pollution. She said it is not like she wants to look for gigs. She joined Philippine Idol and bagged Kakaibang Idol (A different Idol) award because she wants to sing. Period.

I heard some pretty interesting chismis about a realtionship flowering in some Idol finalists. But I can’t say it in the blog because of libel hahahaha. But we were gasping when that piece of news was dropped to us. That reminds me, I have to setup a separate blog for chismis. charing!

Yova was starstruck when she was introduced to Gretchen Barreto. Yova was so awed that she forgot to have her photo taken and asked me what to say to Gretchen. I told Yova to whisper to Gretchen, “Everybody knows you’re richer than Dawn Zulueta!” i don’t think yova will follow my advise though. hahahaha. Yova mentioned that Gretchen shed some tears after Mau’s performance. Oh ha!!! the first lady of ABC5 has spoken.

Of course, I took a picture of the diva group that scared some of the people at the restaurant:

Work it!!!!!

There is only one heterosexual in this photo and she is wearing pink. hahahaha. Love it! It’s like a barkada shot of divas, fashionistas and queens! Too bad I wouldn’t fit in the frame. hahahaha.

We ended the night talking about reviving the career of Mary Walter, or how gian disappointed everyone and how Jan surprised us all, or how Mau gave one bitchslap with her “I am too poor to support myself with text votes” speech (Love you, Mau!!!!). Yova singing some Mariah Carey and Nina songs to which one commented that Yova looks more beautiful than Nina, or the glories and strategies for an ukay-ukay shopping spree, or how Jennifer Hudson usurped Fantasia but Jennifer Holiday is infinitely better than Jennifer Hudson in DreamGirls, or who is the major bitch among the Idol finalists, or how about where can you find a gay bar in Baguio or that in Adonis in Quezon City the macho dancers there are giftwrapped in strategic points.

Our diva laughter just invaded the night.

I was asked if I wanted to watch the results night on Sunday at the Big Dome. Nope. No thank you. I want to read. I’ll just get a text brigade on who will win anyway.


Well, a deluge of text messages informed me that Mau won. Good for her. I voted for her like thrice, Gian twice, and a bit for Pow.  All I could spare was a handful text votes ahahahah. Sorry, cost-cutting is the name of the game this Christmas season.

I thought of the statement that the first Philippine Idol is a male was a ploy to make the people sway to the underdog. Congrats, Mau. Sorry, I didn’t watch the televised results show. I was being very comfy reading a book to the backdrop of rain.

Well, Mau is our first Idol. The question: Will she be a Kelly Clarkson or a Ruben Studdard, or worse, a Fantasia Barrino?



  1. and I thought you didn’t blog on a sunday.

  2. a very apt title for your entry, sweetie. we were so shocked when she suddenly SNORED after gian’s performance! as in borlog ang mudra! tawa kami nang tawa.

    gurl, i’m so glad you are still alive. i heard there were different brawls post-PI finals last night between gian and jan fans, mau and gian fans, jan and mau fans!

    Being from La salle and Ateneo, Jan and Gian fans had a cheerdance showdown! Hence, the blue and silver pompoms came in handy so they won. The faceoff between Mau and Gian fans was so Zsazsa Zaturnah-esque! Gian fans yelling ala Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux in high “polluting” english and the Mau fans just making gumok the lasalistas after scratching their heads! Jan and Mau fans battled over who is a darker horse. Powtah!

    wala lang…(walks out)

    hahahaha! hugs and kisses, dahlin! oh my god, i love yova! and the print explosion? ning, winner…

  3. Fanatical teacher: I occasionally blog on weekends naman.

    Bridget: Day, nakawitness nga kami ng altercation! May I call the police pa ang eksena!!! Naloka kami ni yova!!! Say ko kay yova at sa mga fabulosang baklas with us to stay calm and walk straight and don’t worry I’m armed with my umbrella. hahahaha

    Pramis! Naloka kami sa away! ano ba yun?!?! Ibalik na lang ang away na Nora vs Vilma noong unang panahon when nagkakagiera sa isang bridge sabay umuuwi ang mgba bakla with kalmot sa fez and missing footwear!

    Dios mio! Singing competition lang itoh noh! Magwala na alng ang mga tao when congress railroads for constiuent assembly!…(cue in the sound of crickets)…

    iba talaga ang passion ng mga pinoys pramis. pero ang saya ng mga kabaklaan kagabi! RAMPAGE ang itawag mo sa amin! hahahaha

    Hay nakoh….sino kaya nanalo sa Philippine Idol? hmmmm.

  4. ang gaganda nyo ha! 😀

    And ang payat ni adie?! :O WOW!

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