Posted by: nastypen | December 6, 2006

Bored and Cubicled

Fanatical teacher chats with me:

fanatical_teacher: I just tweaked my firefox
fanatical_teacher: it now has IP address verification
fanatical_teacher: that way I know if a website is really telling the truth of its location.
fanatical_teacher: of course, it isn’t 100% effective, but it is okay for the average consumer
fanatical_teacher: intelligence agencies have more intricate means of hiding their IP addresses
Constipated_diva: big wow

Yup, it’s a slooooooooow Wednesday alright. I actually fell asleep by the keyboard during lunch time. I can’t wait for 5pm for me to flee and go home to watch DVDs, read, draw.


Things I did of interest so far today:

I just stole a stash of free newspapers to bring home to clean up Onyx’ poop with.

I uploaded some pictures in my photobucket.

I blogged.

I just found out that Vic Sotto and Pia Guanio are an item.



It seems I’m going to waste another day doing something insignificant. But I am pretty proud of myself. Yesterday I designed five posters from asking help for the Reming victims to Christmas party.  Not bad.  It was a burst of productivity.  I was asked to redesign this hideous powerpoint presentation.  I just find it fulfilling when I have to clean up the trash of other people. yey.

Anyway, I did this illustration by appropriating fonts that are designed like Christmas decors to show about cleaning up the Christmas trash:

Ho ho ho-hum

I did another illustration for a poster telling students if they have a problem, they approach our guidance counselors.  I did this montage in less than an hour, thank goodness for royalty-free photos.

ikaw ba ay nalolongkot?

The boss was pretty please on my more-than-usual (ahem ahem) efficiency.  Too bad, I should focus my energies on art works I’d like to do in the first place.  Maybe that will be my Christams gift to myself eh?

Speaking of which…….


Oh, by the way, for people who ask presents from me in this season of giving, here’s my message to you:

Burn baby Burn!

Stop giving me headaches with your validation for existence via consumerism and materialism.

Merry Christmas!!!



  1. me? i acted on being sick and tired of work. i stayed at home. absent. yun na. hahahaha! ecclectic naman ako, my favorite diva. i love pearl jam, prodigy, and metallica, dude. (dude??? hahahaha! at ang band reference ha? very reflective of the age group! hahahahahaha!)

  2. Hello Chong,
    i looooooooooooooove this pix! you’ve made my otherwise soppy(read:typhoon induced) wednesday night!

  3. Bridget, dude ka jan!!!

    Sir dengcoy!!!! Thanks for the comment! Merry christmas…typhoon-induced or otherwise!

  4. you are bad!

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