Posted by: nastypen | December 4, 2006

A Kiss is just a Kiss

Woke up at 3:43am due to a massive migraine. Sought cure by logging on to the internet and browse through the showbiz entertainment blogs and got this:

There are plenty of gay shenanigans in Adam Sandler’s currently filming movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” It’s about firemen who pretend they’re gay to get health benefits. Hulking Ving Rhames plays a macho fireman of indeterminate sexual preference, and his character was supposed to give a big kiss to another guy. But Ving could NOT bring himself to do it. Kissing a guy freaked him out. Producers solved the problem by grabbing an extra – a tallish girl with short hair – and they dressed her up in men’s clothes. Ving was perfectly happy to kiss the girl in drag – and the girl was thrilled because the bigger role meant she got her SAG (Screen Actors’ Guild) card!

Well….I don’t know any gay man who would want to kiss Ving Rhames.  But wait, it was ok for him to be raped by another guy in Pulp Fiction but not to be kissed by another guy?  uhm…..anyway….

But still, I could relate.

I mean I freaked out back in College when they asked me to kiss a girl. UGH! I was ranting in front of everyone that it isn’t right that I should kiss a girl!

I remember it well. I was in front of the ladies’ dormitory and flaying my arms about as to why I should be kissing a girl! It was a truth or dare thing. The people thought that it would do me good to kiss a girl! My left eyebrow went up to the 27th floor!!!!

It took me more than three minutes to pipe down and just settle for a tiny kiss on the girl’s hand. Ugh! I felt soiled!!!!!



  1. nyahahahahaha! that might have been one of the seven signs of the Apocalypse right there kung natuloy…

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