Posted by: nastypen | November 29, 2006

Maintenance notice….

Well, I am currently waiting for the supertyphoon to hit Manila. Yes, another one. So, I don’t have work on Thursday because classes were cancelled by the Department of Education. So, yey.

I would have wanted time to watch the final two seasons of my latest addiction, the complete box set of HBO’s exemplary prison drama Oz. Man, Prisonbreak is like Desperately Seeking Susan compared to Oz!  I am done with season 1-4, that leaves me season 5-6.  It helps that there are a lot of male frontal nudities AND Rita Moreno is there as a psychiatrist/nun!   I love Rita Moreno in West Side Story and the King and I.  I hope they have a musical in the prison series.  Right.

But, can I watch DVDs tomorrow considering a supertyphoon is on its way and that the billboards in the metro never really got away?

So will I be living in the 18th Century again?

Oh well…..



  1. uy! i love OZ!!!! kinarir ko yan sa channel 25 (solar) yan dati!

  2. The storm changed its mind. Hehehe. It must’ve gotten freaked out by the alert overkill. I have not gone out of the house for three days in anticipation of the storm that didn’t happen. In any case, it’s a happy enough development. I can only hope that I am not speaking too soon.

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