Posted by: nastypen | November 20, 2006

Eat Me, Pacman

Yesterday, the streets in Manila were empty. I had to go to work. Took a cab because I know there will be gnarling traffic on the way to the office considering everyone except the discerning few will watch that Manny PacquiaoEric Morales fight.

Of course, I knew Pacquiao is going to win this. Not because of my expert opinion on boxing (I don’t have any expert nor positive opinion on a sport that entails hurting other people; perhaps this is my reaction against giving the Oscar to Rocky instead of Martin Scorsese‘s Taxi Driver). I just had the gut feeling he would win this. And he did. Lord knows the Filipinos needed this sort of victory in an era of vicarious living.

I did this art for another blog before. :)

So the Pacman gets another victory. I didn’t watch the bout. I felt it was a waste of electricity. Besides, I know people will be talking about it and will be splashed in the newspapers. I got some angry text messages from Diet Nazi about Pacquiao.

Diet Nazi was wondering how come the Pacman would just speak in broken contrived English and not be like Morales who spoke in Spanish. What’s wrong with addressing the crowds in Cebuano, Pacman? I mean, hello, you have the hundreds of thousands of pesos to dispose of to your entourage (Gahd. Typical thuggish male would like to move in packs. So canine), you can well afford a transaltor, right?

Of course, people would say that the Pacman would just want to show the world we’re English speakers. Uh-huh. I have not seen the fight nor heard what he had to say but I’m guessing it’s like one of those “Me Love you Long time” tirades.

People will say that Morales does not know how to speak in English that is why he spoke Spanish. but consider that Morales grew up in Tijuana, that is south of the border of California, so if anyone who has more interaction with American English between the two, it’ll be him.

It would have been a stronger statement had Pacquiao addressed the world in Filipino, or in Cebuano. (Ngano wala man ka nagbinisaya, Pacquaio? Na-ulaw ka? Abi nimo manginggles ra ka, maayo na ka nga tawo?) That means he is talking directly to us and not trying to “impress” the viewers of his sparse graps of the English language.

Of course, this endears the PacMan to the masses even more. It is as if truncating the language is identifiable to the masses. Hello, Erap? And we have morons like Alyssa Alano, Anjelica Jones and Ethel Booba who made a career out of sounding stupid with English inadequacies.

These people get ample air time and people find it funny when they say idiocies like “It’s raining, aren’t we?” Then you have literally millions of Filipinos wanting to be nurses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and these nurse wannaebs are exposed to such blatant abuse of the English language.


He’ll be welcomed by throngs who will want to emulate him thinking that fists and a bloodied face and hurting other people are the only ways to alleviate from poverty. But, make no mistake, I am happy for Pacman. It is just calling him a hero that disturbs me. Like the “hero” label has been diminished into something to be dispensed at will. Such nonchalance just builds my rancor for people who take lightly on the word “hero.”

There is talk that Pacman might run for office. What will he do when he wins? Have a fist fight with corruption? He will surely grind his fist to a pulp with that battle.

Diet Nazi that Pacquiao had a lot of corporate logos on his ass. Well, those endoresements will just keep on coming that will make Kris Aquino look like a street bum. Pacman will be in rallies for politicains. Pacman will be in the presidential photo-ops. Pacman will be like a trained monkey to talk to soldiers so as not to join the coup. Pacman will have another kitschy mansion. Pacman will have another album. Pacman will have a bigger entourage with ugly politicians and thugs. Pacman will have television specials, perhaps another biopic? Pacman will have music videos. Pacman will saturate the media so much that people will wish him to lose in the next fight so that this insanity will stop.

Let us hope that Pacman will support his alleged love child(ren?).


But that will not change the startling fact that Morales is so much better looking. Light years apart.

Anyway, this photo made me laugh today:

APEC Zombies

They look like chess pieces! Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo seems like a pawn and it suits her. She’s so cute, I can just crumple her face and not let go.

Oh God, it’s Monday and I’m drained.



  1. Hello diva! Thanks for visiting my blog. Ive a short entry about Pacman’s ‘victory’ as well. Too much hype if you ask me. But that’s what we get when money’s involved right? Cute ng pic nila GMA, para silang pastillas de leche. 🙂

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