Posted by: nastypen | November 18, 2006


What is so great to be in a corporate setting is that you are not a human being but an item at the organizational chart. If you are lucky enoug, you belong to the top of this chart food chain. But, if you’re like me, happy to be in the middle, the quite herbivore, then you are in for some ride.

When I returned from America, the first thing I found out that there will be restructuring in the company and that the office I am in will be affected. I think nothing of it. It’s just the way it is for organizations to shift people like pawns. But what freaked me out is that my boss burst into tears about this. She had all this pent-up emotions from the meetings with the consultants and the higher ups. Lace also filed her resignation and then there were the waterworks.

I never like tears in the office. Tears are too intimate for a place too impersonal. So, I was caught unprepared for the drama. I tried lifting the mood by showing the office the pictures from Bacolod with my flair for storytelling.

The boss asked me about the problem I encountered while in Bacolod. I just shrugged it off because that problem is personal but it changed a lot of my plans and decided not to dwell into it lest I start to palpitate.

The fanatical teacher sends me a text message today that he saw an officemate of mine who is taking up the same MA class as he is. that office mate knew fanatical teacher and I were friends. He approached Fanatical teacher and told him that I’m no longer connected with the company.

Fanatical teacher was shocked considering he met up with me yesterday near my office. So, he tells my coworker that I’m still connected but just came from a one-month hiatus from stress and from the moron majority. No, he didn’t say it with those words but basically that is what I did.

The coworker was taken aback by this information and thought I was lobbed off from the office due to the restructuring. So, I was fired already but had to report to work? hahahahah.

Please, the idle minds have idle tongues and they are licking at these rumors to make them feel good about themselves. I texted my boss about this and asked her to tell me what the plans are for me, whether I get the heave-ho or what, so I can better prepare myself and ready for some contingencies. She replied that it was just office gossip and that i am “safe” from the chopping block because “everyone loves” me. uhmmmm. ok…

But still.  I was toying with the scenario of me without a job.  It will be a first time for me.  I never was a bum.  I never joined the university graduation rites because it was my first day at work and that was years ago.  I always had a job.

A friend of mine will be quitting.  Another one will be an OFW.  Me?  I don’t know.  I’ll see what happens when the office decides to purchase a giant paper shredder and feed me to it.  Right now, I’m just tired of having to deal such stupidity….yes…stupidity….on a weekend.

If I lose my job, hello, so be it.

I don’t define myself with what job I have.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to watch the downloaded latest episode of Heroes.


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