Posted by: nastypen | November 17, 2006


I would occasionally change the header image for my blog and I chose this one:header#2

It is a detail of the photo I took outside Balay Negrense of Silay, Negros Occidental. This is a mansion of one of Bacolod’s rich families (the Gastons) that has been transformed into a museum and called Balay Negrense (or House of the Negros People).

beautiful amidst neglect
How ironic, I thought, to call this place the house of the Negros people when the vast majority of the Negros people are not allowed inside this house when it was occupied by the rich folks. Now, it is used as a symbol of local culture. How odd when class structures are suffocating yet they invoke such a place to romanticize the “good old days.”

I thought the broken capiz shell windows are beautiful amidst the tendrils of that eerie tree. Only imagination can tell how many wayward spirits abound that area. Only imagination can tell where these windows were, how they were slid open to let the air in, how they were closed to protect a secret in the family.

Now, they are tossed aside alongside with small plastic bags under that tree. They rot from neglect. Do their secrets rot with them, too?



  1. show us the moomoo picture!

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