Posted by: nastypen | November 16, 2006

The Bacolod Trip (the fun part), part I

Ok, I may have bitched and moaned about the Bacolod trip for the past few entries. To create a balance, here is a photo gallery of the fun (yes, FUN) times we had in Bacolod. but of course, let me just point something out…some scenes for character-building:Do I have to get in?!?!?

We took the Cebu Pacific flight to Bacolod. I got an uneasy feeling when I saw buses at the tarmac to collect the deplaning passengers.

I am not a big fan of buses with no air conditioning. I was thinking of walking, because I thought the conveyor belt was where the last time I was here. I failed to note that I took a Philippine Airlines flight and that section of the baggage claim was for their passengers only.



Then we saw this:

This was the “conveyor belt” for our luggage. It was a hole in the wall where porters drag the cargo in an open area for passengers to point their stuff to be collected by the porters. The porters were not helping by singing out that stupid song from the eqaully stupid noontime show Wowowee…that “boom-tarat-tarat” song! I almost ran away screaming! I can’t imagine that passengers are subject to be crammed into what looks like a slaughterhouse!

Lace and I overheard two German tourists talk to each other. We couldn’t understand what they were saying but the word “Guatemala” popped up. Were they comparing this to that South American country? If so, I don’t think it is great to be mentioned alongside a country which, according to a BBC documentary, has one of the worst crime rates on earth; 2 women are killed every day in that country.






So anyway, the negativity aside, here are the fun parts:Work it, bitch!!!!!

This is me talking to students. Lace and I went to several schools to discuss about careers and stuff. The first school we conducted our talk was at their church. It was a good thing that I was not incinerated as I stepped in. I like when students intently listen to what we have to say. We dislike those who are zombies spacing out. But it was an interesting experience to go through the different schools of Bacolod. One in particular reminded me of my youth and was awaiting my Chinese teacher with her thick meter stick to pop out from one of the classrooms and start to scream at me. So, I guess it is nice to be back in an environment that shaped me.

Nami gid!!!!

The food!!! I do not eat chicken and that is the best food Bacolod has to offer, they say. But that did not stop me from going restaurant-hopping and stuff my fat face with sea food! The best thing about being employed with a Manila salary is that Bacolod food are so affordable. And the servings are not a pittance. I miss those shrimps already.

Cakes galore!
A lot of people tell me to visit Calea’s and partake of their cakes. Of course, I am not going to pass cakes up! So, Lace and I decided to pack in the calories and indulge in carbohydrates with these really yummy cakes. These are one of the most delicious cakes I had ever. It helps that they are cheap, too. Here I am thinking how come my slice is smaller than Lace’s? Either way, I finished off Lace’s cake. Yummy.

Pampering is a must!
Reflexology for 200 pesos?!? Yup. And it was the best in the city, I am told. The best in Manila would cost me about AT LEAST a thousand pesos. I needed to pamper my feet. I haven’t had my feet massaged for more than a month. This is Lace’s leg, by the way. Mine is four times thicker and hairy like a gorilla’s.

Pasalubong plus pose
Of course, we had to buy local goodies like the piyaya and barquiron. We decided to do the infamous Bryanboy pose as a farce considering that we had plastic bags and I saw this hideous pink bag and just had to pose with it. I joked that we should send this pic over there, but Lace commented that sending your pics to that website is so jologs. I agree. But I’m smiling like that because I’m surrounded by food. the only times I would smile in such a manner is when I’m surrounded by books, or when I have cash and surrounded by books on sale, or if I’m surrounded by the hot Italian football team.

But this is really nothing compared to my personal highlight of our trip.

We went to Silay City. But that’s for Part II. The interent connection here at work is a major bitch and it takes forever to load these pictures. Besides, I got to stop now and work.



  1. Work is such hindrance when you’re having fun… 😉

    KJ (kill joy)…

  2. Vat di ka eat ng Chicken? Vakit? I miss the Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal na talagash…. kakaines sastre ka!

  3. Wiz akesh eatsarooo ng chicken, mamu Lyka Bergen, because di ako lumalafang ng bird!!! Nginunguya lang! bow!

  4. I love piyaya..I wonder how many calories does one piece have….hmmm

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