Posted by: nastypen | November 15, 2006

Stifling a Meltdown


It is so hot in Manila right now. But I am so thankful that I am back home. LAst night after the rowdy apes at the internet cafe drove us away, Lace and I lounged a bit at the room. We were making small talk. Both of us were smiling that we shall be going home the next day. We were placidly reading when the entire complex we were staying at had a blackout.



It was so pitch dark, I cannot even see my hand in front of my face. Lace was just sitting quietly trying not to freak out in the corner of her bed.  It was so dark like “Blair Witch Project” type of dark.  Consider that we had a room whose view is that of a brick wall outside and then flanked by a thick foliage of trees.  It was the perfect ingredients for a good old horror flick.

Lace’s boyfirend texted her.  the light from her cellphone was the only source of light we had and used it to locate my mobile.  the light from the tiny screens were the only reasons we were brave enough to venture outside of the room in a darkER hallway.  The caretaker was fumbling about saying that he cannot find the guy in charge of the generator.  But he managed to turn on the emergency flood lights at the corner.  the yellow light spilled over and somewhat comforted me.  The caretaker said he will be looking for the generator operator.  Lace and I leaned over the ledge with the light creating a boundary between the dark and the really dark areas.

Then, the emergency lights went pffft.


I was walking around in my boxers, shirt and barefeet trying not to let my imagination run wild; convincing myself that I did not see a shadow gliding about at the corner of my eye.

The lights came back on but it really frayed our nerves to an extent that we took some Alaxan tablets to make us drowsy.  We spent the night mostly undisturbed.

The day of the flight had us smiling silly.

As luck would have it, we sat next to a screaming infant.  The wails were grating to the ears, it made me wonder why people would like to have kids in the first place.  But LAce and I did not care much because we were flying home.

At touchdown, we began to laugh hysterically that we are in Manila.  We were more than glad to be back home.  That was a rash of nervous laughter from the three-day emotional rollercoaster.

Oh well, I’m just waiting for the pictures to be sent to me so I can have an uplifting blog entry this time.



  1. Is the infant still alive? Kidding 😉

    Well, screaming kids and crying infants can be avoided. It’s a matter of how the parents rbing up their kids… and if they’re sensitive enough “na mahiya sa katabi nilang binubulabog”.

    You know me, in these terms, you know were I stand 😉

    Wish we could see each other na 😦

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