Posted by: nastypen | November 14, 2006

Stuck in Purgatory

It seems it has turned into a nightly habit of Lace and I to be in this internet cafe in Bacolod managed by a guy with harelip.  The drooling morons in the next cubicles are screaming their ignorant ugly asses off.  Lace just took off her earphones and was about to talk to these assholes.  She decided not to because she does not want to be in a fist fight with these uncouth people.

Right now, I wish I could record and post what these men are screeching.  they’re watching something but if you close your eyes and listen, you would imagine what screaming simians sound like when they are caged and prodded by an electric rod.  I guess this is how cavemen sound like back in the day.  I am actually fascinated that there are still guys that still lack decency and scream as if this were their house where they could scratch and sniff their balls.  It’s like I’m back in high school doing comparative studies between my classmates and David Attenborough‘s chimp documentaries.

Lace and I are just deflated.  We wanted to take an early flight out of this city and return to the dirty, quagmiric embrace of Manila.  But we had to shell out 700 pesos for that.  I don’t want to shell that much unless it’s a really good book.  So here we are in this internet cafe listening to a proof that not all of us have evolved yet.  We have about 14 hours before we are home.  This trip is turning out to be an emotional torment at times with few respite.

I mean Bacolod is ok with its clean streets, the tree foliage in the city, the great (CHEAP) food, the friendly people, the quiet of the city (well, obviously not now in this internet zoo)….but you just cannot make me relocate here.  Just as the same reason as to why I left Cebu for Manila.  I find Manila infinitely interesting despite the junk mountains of miseries. 

I was chatting with a friend of mine and I told him I’m stuck in purgatory.  He asked, “Still deciding between heaven or hell?”  Well, I say this is purgatory because I do not have to live with these monkeys with bad hair and in mismatched clothes whose only cerebral action may just be playing online games.

My virtual girlfriend tells me, “I can feel your wrath from here.”

True.  It has been a whirlwind, working here for the past two days.  Lace and I just zipped around and decided that in all our time at the office, this has been the most extensive job assignment yet.  It is just not fun talking to disinterested people in the seaing heat with no aircon in sight.  I keep telling myself “This is character building.”

Lace is coping by watching her current obsession Grey’s Anatomy at youtube.  Ah f*ck this….I’ll just read celebrity news blogs.  I’ll ask for some of her tablets to make me fall asleep.  In the past days spent here, I have not slept peacefully for more than an hour straight.  And I’m used to travelling and used to sleeping in strange beds but this one just makes me want to scream and wish for the power of flight to take me to my bed in Manila.  I may have irritating neighbors when they sing karaoke, but at least they don’t besmirch the animal kingdom like these guys next to me do.

Lace and I just laughed at this collection of photos featuring one of my favortie actresses of all time Charlotte Rampling with a photographer.  It is a crazy night.    

Oh, the humanity. 



  1. wow. purgatory has internet! hahahaha! aaaawwww. don’t worry. you’ll be home soon. go to calea’s and order their strawberry ice cream shortcake. (drools as a pavlovian reaction)

  2. look at it from the bright side, you jus came from vacation and this is a reality check that you are definitely back in cubicled purgatory

  3. That’s the thing, fanatical teacher, I am NOT in the cubicled purgatory. I’m in the field working, so there is nothing that constitutes a cubicle here. And the thing is, if you read the blog entry carefully, I am not the only one suffering, Lace did too, and she did not come from a vacation. Me just coming from a vacation has really nothing to do about the entry. I was just bitching on how some people were left in the cro magnon stage.

  4. Grey areas or purgatory in fun… too safe? It’s just a choice between black or white… heaven or hell.

    You survived dear. You’ve gone through worst time. And as well always tell ourselves for consolation: CHARACTER BUILDING!

    When we see each other, I’ll treat you to an ice cream sundae or feast of sans rival from Aristocrat 😀

  5. don’t worry constipated diva cuz i looooove this purgatoire of a city… it’s better than living in hell (manila)…. and yes, despite your views on my city, i still love your rants!

  6. Hola Jules, I don’t hate Bacolod. I just hate the situations we met over there. Goes to show what happens when your office arranges for your trip.

    You’re right, Manila IS hell. Thing is, I am so used to this version of hell it’s disturrbing. Besides, I wrote about the fun parts of my Bacolod trip. hehehe. Love the food.

    Thanks for the comment!

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