Posted by: nastypen | November 12, 2006


Well, in a few hours, I shall be flying to Bacolod.  It’s part of my work.  I shall be flying with my fabulous officemate Lace.  I haphazardly packed last night and I forgot my camera, so I won’t have any camwhoring in Bacolod.  Wait a minute, I managed to survive in the States when I forgot to be a good tourist and bring along my camera.  Ah well, at least I have my camera phone.  So, maybe we can camwhore a bit.

I usually am ready for a trip days before, but I was so busy as of late.  Like I found out that the entire stash of comic strips to the Philippine Star was either gone or lost and they resorted to repeat past strips for weeks!  That frazzled my nerves and had to come up with a stash pronto.  I also delivered some goods from the States to a family friend.  Went to Cubao for an art exhibit and subjected myself last night to a torturous two-hour performance art in a snazzy cafe in Makati.  I wanted to burn down the place when I saw that an onion soup costs 300 Pesos (about US$6)!!!!  Ah well it was an experience.  I’ll blog about it when I have the time.
I was appreciative that my artist friend Rai esposed me to such things because I am thinking of painting again.  I haven’t mixed oil paints in YEARS!  I was envious of artists who made choices instead of concessions.  My uncle in Los Angeles gave me a box set of oils, acrylics adn pastels and colored pencils and it almost made me cry.  It’s a sign, people.

Oh well, was at the mall today with the boyfriend.  Had my haircut and he thinks I look younger and cuter like a school boy.  Teeheeheee (insert blushing here) Right.  As if I want to look like I am a high school student with a gland problem.  but I still think it was sweet of him to say so.

He bought a small box of donuts for his siter and housemate and before I rode a cab to work, he insisted that he and I should hug.  I’m not a big fan of public display of affection, but I humored him.  That hug was so awkward I pushed his arm away and his bag of donuts smacked a poor woman’s face who happened to pass by.  I almost fainted from keeping it all in.  When the poor lady left nursing a bump, I started laughing like crazy.

If she pressed charges, I blame societal pressures and marginalization for making me give an awkward hug.

Whoops.  My ride is here.  I got to fly now.  Whoa.  This year is the most number of air miles I have ever flown.  I should have been a flight attendant!



  1. you are my new favorite diva! anyway, go ahead and paint again. i think all you need is a nudge (maybe you let that lady you assaulted hit you back. that might be the nudge you are looking for. hahahaha!).

    as for the public display of affection, call it marginalization or as an end-result of societal pressures or whatever, i on the other hand love it! husband had been conditioned (thanks to Ivan Pavlov for creating the school of classical conditioning. shoutout to you, wherever you are!) to respond proportionately. i also love watching people squirm at the sight of two men being affectionate in public (smiles like Damien Omen).

    anyway! hope you don’t mind the link up. a link-back would be nice to. enjoy bacolod, dahlin! god, i miss calea’s. (cutely pouts, haughtily walks away)

  2. Oh! So this is the meeting of the boyfriend that I missed! 😛

    Drama! Or should I say, PAKIPOT!… ehehehe…
    Emulate “Maria Clara” but underneathe the skirt, no undies! wehehehe…

    But you missed him, I know. Sigh. He is indeed sweet and you are a perfect match! Yin and Yang!

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