Posted by: nastypen | November 12, 2006


I’m in a Bacolod internet cafe where usage is 15 pesos per hour.  The connection is pretty fast.  I had no problem watching my current favorite youtube clip.  My listening to Yahoo radio’s collection of 90s hits was without any pauses.  Lace is next to me watching Grey’s Anatomy on youtube.  She’s so fixated.  She’s the only biological female in this cafe.  It is a gaggle of geeks doing network games and a fat fag blogging and surfing through celebrity news blogs.  

Despite the bedlam of the games, the place outside is so quiet.  It’s just past 8pm, it feels like it’s midnight.  I am so used to the noise of Manila it is very eerie to be in such a quiet place.  It takes some getting used to.  But I like the stillness of the place, well except that it could be a scene for a good old ghost story.

We went to the place  we’re staying.  The area is pretty old.  We were given one room each.  I went to my room and almost freaked out.  When I entered, two rocking chairs in my room.  When are rocking chairs choiced furnishings in a hostel?  And they were positioned next to a closet so big four people can fit.  I got really strange vibes from this room. 

My sister texted me a dare.  I should sit on the rocking chair at the witching hours of 12 midnight and 3am just to see if something happens.

I don’t want to have a “I see dead people” episode at three in the morning.  I decided to bunk with Lace and apologized in advanced that my snoring sounds like an Iraqi war zone. 

Oh lordy, sometimes it’s the quiet that keeps me awake.  I will sleep next to the Bible tonight or something.  Maybe my snores will frighten the ghosts away? 


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