Posted by: nastypen | November 7, 2006

The Trip that Was

Well, I don’t know why but today may be my last day in America but mother nature decided to raise the temperature. It is so hot right now in L.A. that it feels like Manila. Andrew texted me “At least you won’t have to adjust that much when you get home.”

True, but in Manila, I spend most of my time in climate-controlled environment.

The babies are crying right now. What is worse than oppressive heat? It is when you are stuck in a house with three bawling babies in this oppressive heat. I’m waiting for Rafael to fetch me to watch Borat but he seems to be late or has forgotten all about me.

Oh well. So, I am just coping here by blogging because lord knows babies bawling are so much fun. One of them wants to play peek-a-boowith me. Sorry, kid, I aint your baby sitter.

So I just uploaded some photos of my trip here. In my four weeks in America I realized that:

busog central

…Food is always overflowing in a lot of Filipino houses. There is no room at the table for me to draw because food has invaded it. I opened my aunt’s closet in New Jersey thinking it was a closet so I could find some hangers. It was not a closet. It was pantry #2. Are Americans that rich that they can stock up on food good for three months? My tranny aunt’s ref is groaning from the weight of all the food. You’d think I gained weight? I checked my weight. I lost 3 lbs. Must be from all the walking.

tie me up, tie me down

…I can only wear neckties in climates with temperatures ranging 20 degrees centrigrade and below. Actually, I managed to play around a bit with clothes here because the climate allowed me to do layering. Only I can pull off wearing a polo shirt, a moss green vest and a necktie with a Muslim hat. In Manila, I clothe myself to hide my ugly body and at the same time not torture myself with the heat. That’s a Windsor knot, by the way. My sister’s friend’s Norwegian boyfriend was shocked to find out that I knew how to tie a Windsor Knot. And he was surprised that I knew the British meaning of “jumper.” What the? Is is because I live in the third world, my fashion knowledge is limited? Bitch, Please.


. ..the American pasttime is not baseball; it’s consumption. I have never met a people who are in love with spending. There are several television ads about how this or that company can save you from bad credit. Credit cards are like the lifelines of a lot of Americans. Consume now pay later. I was told that you are only as good here in America as your credit report. I don’t have a credit card. So when I buy stuff, the cashiers are in bewilderment of my cash and check out if the bills are fake.

guns magazine

…it’s a country in love with guns. This guy is reading a magaizne about high-powered guns inside a very public coach of a subway train. It is crazy how the second amendment is a premise that has spawned industries of armaments worth billions of dollars. Man, reading a gun magazine out in the open? And I’m ashamed of reading my tranny aunt’s Playgirl mags outside.


…Americans are the luckiest people on earth. They have a fantastic library in New York. All the glories of world literature available to the people for free and they ignore it most of the time. I was sitting at a desk reading about Medieval art form of illuminations and I was almost in tears because I have to go and not know when I shall return.

the bag was dropped on the tarmac and nobody cared!

…Americans are one of the worst baggage handlers on earth. This is a photo I took at my first day in America. I was delayed in detroit and had nothing better to do but observe. I saw this bag fell off the tram in a baggage convoy. IT sat there for more than 15 minutes. I thought the plane will leave without it. Just before they closed the fuselage, one handler ran and TOSSED it as if it were just a rag doll. I felt sorry for the owner of the bag. Then my luggage was left behind in Detroit.

burger and shakes!

….I love America because of their introduction of cheeseburger and milkshakes to the world. I avoided buffets. I really did. I shocked my uncle by not eating ina buffet in Las Vegas. I rather looked for a good burger place and drank my favorite strawberry shake. I didn’t care that it was freaking cold in the places I visited, I still get me some strawberry shakes.

smile, bitch!

…it’s hard to take a self portrait with a digital camera. Although I like
the above photo because it is as ifI’m wearing the LincolnMemorial as a headdress, it is hard to reach out with my camera and smile beatifically. There were Americans who approached me and asked if I want them to take my photo. I refused because I am paranoid they might run off with my camera. Of course that was stupid because they mean well and my camera is shitty but I would like to thank growing up in the third world where I learn the art of distrust as such a young age.

ART!!! ART!!!

…it is great to have a place for art. I really envy Americans that they have access to such a massive collection of art. I have been having art-gasms and they are recorded in this blog.


…America has nasty politics, too. If not nastier. The elections are coming up in America and it was a pleasure wathcing TV ads of politicians running for office. They don’t have a suffocation of posters plastered on the streets with faces of zobies telling the voters that they are good for them. Oh no. the tv ads of candidates here go from the usual fare of “my vision for the people” to the downright mudslinging. there was a candidate who was charged by his mistress for battery. The rival hired the mistress for his TV ad. Oh lord, if that happened in the Philippines, there would not be enough airtime for the mistresses.

Appropriation of art

…despite my packing of art materials with me, I don’t have time to do art on vacation. I swear, I attempted several times but either I’m just too tired or just too distracted. I did, however, take the above photo at a burst of inspiration. I was at the MoMA and was trying hard to look at a Fernand Leger painting really hard because sunlight hit it and it was encased in glass. Then I saw it was a great play of image juxtaposition of my reflection and the window. I thought it was artsy. I call this piece “The blot.”

V is for Volatility

…America is crazy enough for me. I was in Los Angeles and saw the main character of V for Vendetta selling something cute like the new vibrating tickle me Elmo. I had to laugh because this character who espoused anarchy was hawking a corporate lackey stuff toy. This is insanity in several levels only found in America. I did some crazy stuff, too, but cannot write them down though.
It’s been a crazy trip. Inspiring trip. Draining trip. What a trip! Now back to this world:

cubicled purgatory



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