Posted by: nastypen | November 3, 2006

More Frightening than Zombies

I lost my passport.

Yes, you read that correctly. I LOST MY PASSPORT.

Cue in thunder, lightning and a ghostly shriek.

So, I did not go out the entire day. I was watching the downloaded episodes of Heroes, blogging, chatting with friends. At 9pm, I was invited to watch The Prestige. I said yes. I took my coat and thought, “Wait a minute, how come my breast pocket is light?”

That is where I usually place my passport. It was not in the breast pocket. I panicked but kept it all in. I sent code red text messages to my boyfriend and to my sister. I told them I am suicidal because my passport was missing.

Rafael searched for it in his car. Nothing. I tore up my neatly packed stuff. Nothing. My heart was palpitating because my passport is missing AND I AM IN AMERICA. This is the place where they are constructing walls with barbed wires to protect its borders from illegal aliens.

Me without a passport = where is my US visa? = Illegal alien!!!!

So alarm bells were blaring inside my head. But I kept it all in. I was pretty composed. I was even cracking jokes that I may have to extend my stay here indefinitely.

I was seriously playing scenarios of paradigm shifts inside my head. Images like me working as an orange picker because without proper papers, I’m reduced to working as a member of the more disposable work force. I was having thoughts of working here as an illegal alien.

What is considered by the American people as more frightening than flesh-eating zombies? Illegal aliens.

THIS F*CKING SUCKS!  In all my YEARS of travel and travelling alone at that, this has NEVER happened to me.  Well, there is always a first time.
Rafael decided to call the movie theater we went to last night. The Lost and Found section has one passport. I almost screamed for joy. I dressed up and we went to the theater. Yup, it was my passport alright. I was so happy I treated Rafael to a movie. It was goddamned expensive but what the hey.

We watched the Prestige. I am still in elation for recovering my passport and thanking God it is a Filipino passport; not really desirous for a lot of people like, say American, British, Canadian or French passports that can be stolen and be counterfeited by gangs. I mean, who wants to be a Filipino when you are in America? Not a lot. So, my passport was not sold to the crime rings. haha.

The Prestige was ok.  A lot of my friends were gushing over it.  I thought it was a bit talky and slow.  I was kind of expecting the twists because the film director showed a lot of foreshadowing devices.  I am sorry but I enjoyed The Departed and Jackass 2 more.  I told Rafael I would like to watch Borat because I do not want The Prestige to be the last film I saw in my American trip.

On the way home, we were in Rafael’s car and there was a thick fog.  Rafael says he has not seen a fog in these parts for years.  It was stuff horror movies are made of. We were in this intersection and we were the only ones there.  I told him to use his imagination and think of zombies lumbering our way from the other streets towards us.  It was freakish.

But I’m sorry, the prospect of losing my passport was more horrific than the undead.  At least I felt that in the span of time I realized that I was an illegal alien.

Christ.  It has been a slow day then an andrenalin-pumping evening.  It’s late now.  Have to wake up early later.  First thing I’ll do when I wake up is to check if my passport is where I left it.



  1. Grace Under Pressure. Would be freaking too out if I lost my passport.

    Btw, I enjoy reading your posts. Very amusing and witty, to say the least.

  2. Hay! So that’s what the freaking thing that happened to you! Good thing Raffy thought of calling the cinema. That’s what I like in America… service and access (compared here in the Phil., of course)

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