Posted by: nastypen | November 2, 2006

A Taste for the Sublime

I was a bit upset that my luggage was not delivered as scheduled by Northwest Airlines. My uncle decided to take me out after work. So, we went to the beaches in Los Angeles. We went to this beache where some parts of Baywatch was shot.

I did not tell my uncle but the sea calms me. Maybe being a Piscean is the reason why I love the sea. But eversince I was a kid, the ocean gives me joy and detachment. I remember the last day before I started to work in my first job, I was in Boracay night swimming. I was doing the dead man’s float in the black sea staring up the glittering night sky and felt comforted despite the anxiety brought about the prospect of starting work.

So, my uncle and I got off at Newport beach. We walked on this pier with tall wooden pylons as the night waves gently crash to it. There were people who were fishing in this nippy weather. I saw the moon reflected on the black slab of the Pacific ocean and it looked like shards of shimmering broken glass. The peaceful sea right before me, to my right fishermen lowering a huge net to catch crabs, to my left, multi-million dollar houses of rich Californians.

It is the sea that is beautiful.

I see a lone heron, it looked like a heron, floating baout near the docks. I see a child happily skipping as he goes trick or treating and his costume was that of Dash’s from the Incredibles. Fisherfolkswere smiling at us and telling us the fish are not biting tonight but they cast off still nonetheless.
Thank you, God, for the sea. It may be cruel and violent, ripped seaside towns or citites, torn apart boats and killed millions of people, but the sea is ultimately my cradle lulling me to disarm. I saw two oceans in a matter of days: the Atlantic and the Pacific. the Pacific, lived up to its name and was quite peaceful.

My uncle spoke of living in California as one of his best decisions ever made. He told me of opportunities, of race relations, of how he used to senak out of working by scaling a tall concrete fence to buy homemade pizza down the street, how several Filipinos really need to leave the Philippines.

We passed by a small shop and he pointed “There!” he said, “There! If you want, I can get you a job there! You will work for that gasoline station for just a month to have stability and you can find work ANYWHERE here.”

I toyed with the idea of me behind a cash register had a smirk. It is not that the work is beneath me, it is the fact that what people have to go through to be here in America. I downloaded my latest addiction, the American television series entitled Heroes. One of the characters there was a geneticist university professor in Madras, India who went to New York to work as a taxi driver.

I love that show. One of their taglines is “Save the Cheerleader, save the world!” So there.

A friend of mine even told me now that I am near Disneyland, perhaps I can now work there wearing the costume for their Winnie the Pooh or Piglet.

hahahaha. I am thinking of a paradigm shift that night with the moon reflecting on an onyx slate and children dressed up as faeries or ghouls glide by the car. Their hands clutching tightly their stash of candies. What these kids have to dress up to earn their candies, I thought is a great metaphor for the American life.

Postscript: I went home and was told that my luggage will be delivered from 9pm to 1am. It arrived at 12:58am.



  1. congratulations on getting your luggage!

  2. i see you more as a tv host!

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