Posted by: nastypen | November 1, 2006

Why you must not ride Northwest Airlines

This is the letter I emailed the Northwest Airlines regarding my situation. I’d like to thank my sister who is a human rights lawyer to adding some legalese jargon that would make my letter stand out from the usual whining:

When I left on Oct 8 from Manila to Newark, via Nagoya and Detroit, my flight from Detroit to Newark was inexplicably cancelled. I was forced to spend ten hours in Detroit, thus losing time in my trip. The stress was compounded by absolute lack of information on the delay. it would have been more bearable that i, a passenger, delayed and stress-stricken, be prioritized by the airline in at least being informed on the reason for the delay. rationalizations would have been resorted to by my system to counteract the stress being encumbered upon me. But no, I was just given a shrug and a confirmation for a later flight, ten hours to be spent waiting in the Detroit airport. I was frazzled on the fact that that flight given to me MAY BE cancelled.

As I boarded that flight from Detroi and Newark, we were instruct to deplane because of a hydraulic leak or something that needed repair hence we must be transferred to another plane. This sort of activity does not make a great start in a trip that was well-planned and coordinated in my end.

I am on a very tight schedule to visit relatives and do some research. the ten hour delay caused so much damage to my schedule and to my peace of mind. I was hoping this glitch not to happen again. But this time, it became worse.

My flight from Newark to Los Angeles on Oct 30 had a stop over at Detroit. I checked in two luggages onboard. When I arrived at LAX, one of my bags was missing.

The missing bag contained my clothes. These are clothes I purchased from different countries across the years, namely Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Philippinese, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America. These clothes have massive financial and sentimental value to me. These clothes are catered to my robust frame and average height. Those clothes were hard to find for somebody like me.

I was informed that my luggage was left behind in Detroit. I cannot possibly fathom how such a thing could happen in a country that touts itself as great and highly effective.

I am FORCED to change my plans because I was supposed to be at a meeting today but cannot because I do not have a fresh change of clothes with me. And the telephone numbers given to me were of no use, because either I am told by a machine to check the status online or call this other number which turns out to be another machine-activated response. The internet was useless in the fact that the status was not really indicated.

So, I LOST ONE ENTIRE DAY in Los Angeles waiting for a response from your end. I am in no shape to function and attend meetings because of this situation. The articles in that suitcase, clothes et al are a massive bulk of my personal effects. Furthermore, that particular luggage is even on loan and that I am morally bound to return it in a form that I borrowed it.

I must say that this fracas has caused me great inconvenience and greater distress. The cache of worries, frustrations, the lapse in keeping me informed and updated which is within the community of my rights as patron and consumer have compounded the situation in which I am reduced to worrying and cannot function appropriately.

In closing, I would like to posit my extreme obfuscation, unadulterated frustration and knotted-up disapointment that this incident has caused me. I do not have the luxury of time,money, good will and precious energy. All eroded significantly by this highly intolerable incident. I declare that Northwest has been in insufferable breach of your contractual obligations to me and I am seriously considering filing a suit for damages. My time, my long-anticipated vacation and my peace of mind have been disrespected and violated by the ineptness and inefficiency of NWA.


I don’t expect a reply from these people. I don’t know. My cynicism and pessimissm have been multiplied because of this airline’s stupidity. Perhaps, NWA does not even read emails. I don’t know, I won’t be surprised if I’m ignored.

Generally, I had a great trip, it’s the carrier that just threw up on my good memories.

You know what, the best airlines I have ridden are usually Asian carriers like Emirates and Japan Airlines. I guess Americans are only good for having celebrity trash, idiot TV shows, starting wars and weapons creations.


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