Posted by: nastypen | November 1, 2006

How to waste one day

Well, here I am waiting for luggage to arrive. I was told it was in the 11:30am flight from Detroit and it will be delivered to where I’m staying. I could go out and walk around, but I’m here waiting for my stuff.

It’s ok. I need to rest a bit. And download stuff. I’m downloading some TV series episodes and chatting with some friends. My sisters are meeting each other in hong Kong. their boyfriends will be ther, too. Shopping spree, of course. Knowing my sisters, I pity the boyfriends if they accompany them shopping. It’s like a slow amputation.

November 1 is the death anniversary of my dad, too. I find it difficult to enjoy life during this day. It has been years and I’m still affected by his passing. I just can’t seem to get over it. oh well.
I may go to Disneyland. But it won’t be the same wide-eyed child brimming with excitement. I would be the fat creepy guy clutching at the straws of my youth. I wouldn’t fit in the Dumbo ride anyway. I remeber having my picture taken with Mickey Mouse years ago. I waited in line for almost an hour just to spend three minutes with him. But I was happiest when I ran to Pluto and Goofy, my most favorite characters ever.

I was told to revisit Knotts Berry Farm. I don’t know. I don’t get a kick out of theme parks anymore unless of course it’s a them park designed for comic geeks, which does not really exist.

I was invited to the Halloween parade and an after-party. Not really liking the idea. I don’t have a costume. I was supposed to buy this conan costume and wear it with a blinding pink feather boa til I saw the price. The Conan outfit costs US$500?!?! Are you crazy!?!?

That much to look ridiculous?! There are times when I wish I knew how to sew and could whip up a fab costume ala Porject Runway. Instead I belong to another reality TV series, the Biggest Loser! Only I don’t lose weight.

I just got off the phone with my uncle. He said he’ll take me out later. We’re going malling. Yey. So Filipino a pasttime! I think I’ll buy strawberry milkshake and drink it in this 18 degree Centrigrade weather.

My uncle’s mother in law is living with them here. She’s like the town baby sitter or something. Parents deposit their kids in this place as they went to work. So the screaming of children woke me up.

One baby named Julia was smitten by my haggard face she reached out both of her arms and asked me to carry her. I did and I held her as if I was burbing her, but she was so comfy on my fat soft stomach that she twirled her little fists onto my shirt as if to cling to me.

Now this is a Halloween scene for me: me having a child.

She was so snug on me that I was walking around looking like a white trash mom…only i’m not white.

Julia was breathing softly and rested her round cheek on my shoulder. I caught my reflection with this infant I’m carrying and it dawned on me that i COULD be a father. I could be nurturing. I could raise human beings instead of raising resentment.

I thought of those things and realized that the way Julia cozied up on me made it looked like I have a third boob.

There goes my paternal instinct.


I was so bored I made a myspace account.  Yey.


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