Posted by: nastypen | October 31, 2006

There is always a hitch….

I am in Los Angeles now. I live five minutes away from Disneyland. I have a week before I return to the cubicled existence.


Northwest Airlines lost one of my suitcases. I am not the only one. Several passengers from Newark, New Jersey are missing their suitcases, too. My suitcase is somewhere in Detroit, Michigan right now.


So, anyway, I hope they deliver my luggage to where I’m staying right now. I am pissed at Northwest but I dont want it to ruin my trip. Just like early in the day when I was randomly selected by airport security to have my stuff checked, to have me stand at this corner with legs spread and had this metal detector go around me.

It was so Guantanamo Bay for 10 seconds. I thanked God it wasn’t a cavity search.

Northwest told me they’d reimburse me US$50 for clothes that I wil buy within 24 hours. Big wow. I just hope they give me back my suitcase. This is just what the Mercury retrograde can do to my nerves: frazzle it.

But I’m ok. I have free net now. I can watch all the porn I like. I am going to be at a party tomorrow, I hope. Damn it! I deserve to unwind! I don’t care if I don’t have a Halloween costume just as song as I don’t see (OK, warning, really gross pic) this!!!!

Well, I did warn you of that hideous pic.

Well, it’s currnetly 1am here in Los Angeles. I am not sleepy. I was asked where would I like to go. I told my uncle I don’t know. I’m guessing LA Library and Getty Museum. I’m sure I won’t spot Paris Hilton there.


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