Posted by: nastypen | October 31, 2006

Right decision

I normally do not like mingling about with relatives. But my trip offered me an opportunity to be with a branch of the family i least interacted with in my life. I was not expecting much from this.  I had a feeling that I shall be a burden to them.

However, I am pretty glad that I stayed with them instead of sticking it out in New York alone as my tranny aunt goes f*cking around in San Francisco.

Last night was my last night in New Jersey and my uncle ordered boxes of pizza and bought beer. A distant relative and her husband and two young sons dropped by and we jabbered on and on till midnight. It was fascinating to listen to my distant relative talk about a great deal that is buying a queen-sized bed with free linen and comforter. These are the little talks with uninhibited joy. No pretense. No burning ideals. No bitterness. Just awe at life here in America.

My cousins are great fun. I am happy that I somehow connected with Erica, the youngest, just turned 12. I invaded her room when I stayed in New Jersey. It was a room of my dreams: pink walls, with cable television, dangling spongbob squarepants and a nice big bookshelf. She is a budding writer. Last night, she was typing a story about a princess and a castle. She pored over it on the computer for hours. Sadly, the story was not saved and she cried and cried over her lost creation.

Richard, the eldest of the brood, is quite smart and practical. He and I spoke of his business plans here. I am quite proud of him of being headstrong. He can still speak Tagalog and told me that a parol (A Christmas lantern) with capiz shells cost almost US$190! He would like to get into that busniess but I told him study it first and try it next year. He shared with me sticks of cigarettes. My favorite was the one with cognac flavor. Man, even in America, smoking must have myriads of choices.

I am actually proud to say that I have a cousin who is in film school. I wanted to tell him that art is rare in our family. Francis is a quiet boy and I would tell him of film stuff. He was embarrassed to say that he did not know the gems of art cinema. I told him that it is ok because the love for cinema always starts with the popular films and now, he will have the chance to delve deeper in narrative and story with the likes of Pier Paolo Passolini, Akira Kurosawa, etc. I told him if he visits Manila, I’d escort him to the wonderful pirated DVD stalls to enhance his film education.

I like my other cousin J.U. because his humor is fast and disarming. He is a tough guy. He works out; has had some trouble growing up with gangs; saw a yearbook of his with cornrows for a hairstyle. But, man, I really think this guy has what it takes to make it big. He is street smart and knows the ways of the world and he dreams big. I am quite proud of him to take on a job while studying because education in America is not cheap. He left an office job to be a security guard for a housing subdivision for the affluent. He wanted to be a security guard so he can have the peace and quiet and study and read his books.

So, here I am blogging this. With just hours to go before I leave this family for Los Angeles and crash into another relative’s kindness. I must say i feel drained at the fact of leaving becuase I happen to like these guys despite the fact I stayed for a short while. I am going to miss them. I feel fulfilled in my trip. I saw many greatworks of art.  I got to walk around and have plenty of opportunity to reflect on my life.  I have seen interesting sights.  I mananged to create many great memories.

Yesterday, we were in this Chinese buffet restaurant.  I took my fortune cookie and read the tiny paper crammed inside and I smiled.  It went “Our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.”

True words, indeed.



  1. You have great relatives. It’s good to see you connect with them. It would have been nice if you uploaded some of your pictures together though.

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