Posted by: nastypen | October 26, 2006

See ya, New York

Ok, I decided to spend ten minutes blogging before I set out for my last walk around the bg apple before I am shuttled back to New Jersey for a few days before I fly to Los Angeles.

I liked my vacation thus far.  I saw some great art, bought stuff and just created new memories for me.  Not a bad deal.

Here’s me doing the devil’s sign at the center of the universe:


I haven’t shaved my beard of yet when the photo was taken.  I shaved my beard because I know I will get lost, and people will register well to a clean-shaven face of an “innocent.”  God, I do so love this shirt.  So, I wore this as I stepped into the tourist trap and had my photo taken.

I did the sign that usually means “Rock and roll!” but its symbolism dates back centuries of invoking the goat.  Well, New York, after all, is glamour, materialism and sin.  Hence, the sign.

Well, I’m going to miss walking around Central Park alone with the autumn leaves pelting my head.

I will miss the crazy black dude dancing before me at the subway station.

I will miss the burly Italian daddy with twinkling eyes as he served me the largest piece of lasgana in my life from his Pizza place.  So big, it took me more than 12 hours to finish it.

I will miss the subway and its spit and black divas talking about “Aint taking no shit from no damn ‘fo.” as they wag their long deep violet nails with miniature pumpkins to celebrate the impending Halloween.

I will miss the Cable TV.

I will miss the feeling of about to enter a gallery and knowing a Picasso is there waiting for adulation.   

I will miss the beautiful gay boys in Chelsea walking by giving me knowing smiles.

I will miss the botoxed ladies clad in luxury wear getting in shops looking for reasons to live with a bar code attached to them.

Ok, I have to go now.  I’ll be back in New Jersey and don’t really know if I can blog there.  Maybe when I fly to LA.  Maybe.

But for now, let this Queen have his final walk in Queens and in the several corners of New York.

Lord knows when I’ll be back. 



  1. hey, thanks for the postcard! I just got it! Nice pics you got there!

  2. ang cool! that is an award winning photo!

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