Posted by: nastypen | October 25, 2006

Doggone it.

I was watching TV while I massaged my feet.  It was Joan Rivers and her stand up comedy act.  She was pretty nasty and irreverent.  I give her props for being a bitch with no breaks on.  She said she loves Madonna because her knees were in different time zones.  Then she lets out a litany against Filipinos.

Oh no, she di’int.

Oh yes, she did.

I read years ago about how she attacked Filipinos for eating dogs.  When she started “Oh, these Filipinos” rant, the crowd had an “oooh” of disbelief, but they were smiling.  She said that Filipinos eat their dogs.

So, she said that her Filipino neighbor saw her in the elevator and started screaming “I don’t eat dog.  I don’t eat dog!” and Joan quipped, “there was a leash hanging from her mouth.”

Joan then goes on how she went to a Filipino household for Thanksgiving and the “turkey” (she did some airquotes sign) had a frisbee in its mouth.

Cue in laughtrack please, I’m not laughing. I thought it was funny.  Offensive, but funny.  

You know, the same funny yet offensive that this woman who had a facial texture of bovine scrotum is touted to be a fashion diva.  I should say something nasty about her but I might be branded anti-semetic and anti-geriatric.

Nah.  I’m just jealous of her for earning so much from being nasty and ignorant.



  1. i saw a pic from your previous blog on pops and that blonde transsexual and i thought she was joan rivers when she was younger!


    That as the fabulous Miss AMANADA LEPORE!!! Yup, she does look like Joan Rivers in a bad angle.

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