Posted by: nastypen | October 23, 2006

Streisand and Other Miseries

Went home at 2:30am. I went to the Bowery area of New York, the Chinatown. My tranny aunt took me to this hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. After we came in, there was a line forming outside. Apparently, despite the seedy appearance, this Chinese Restaurant is some hot sh*t.


My tranny aunt tells me that, recently, after her concert, Barbra Streisand and her entourage closed down the restaurant all to themselves. She pointed the table next to me and said Babs ate there. Wow. Six degrees of separation via Chinese food?


Was this supposed to impress me? I’m sorry. I am not a Babs fan. I guess I am no THAT gay. I just don’t get the affinity with gay men to this icon. She is talented, yes. But she is not so much that makes me want to buy her cd’s (my mom did and so some of my ay friends borrowed them) nor make me want to copy her. I HATE….DETEST Yentl. I think she is overrated as a director.


So, I just raised my eyebrow when my tranny aunt told me that Babs was here.


Big freaking deal. I just cannot wait to watch Les Miserables.


So, at noon, I was in the subway humming some tunes from my most favorite musical of all time Les Miserables. Others adore Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Miss Saigon, or Sunset Boulevard, etc. I like the several layers of social inequities, dehumanizing prison system, revolt, burning youthful love and ideals, and Eponine‘s delicious misery.


Victor Hugo had no idea that his social commentary will be turned into a series of songs. I still think the songs from this musical has the most intelligent lyrics in musical history.


So, I got myself to the string of theaters in New York near Times Square. It turns out that Les Miserables will just have a six-month run…starting November 9. By that time, I’m back to my cubicle purgatory in Manila.


So, that was pretty deflating. I was told to watch other musicals instead like The Producers, Spamalot, Avenue Q, or The Lion King or Jersey Boys.




I came here for Les Miserables. I practically grew up singing that muscial. So, I was pretty bummed out about it.


I have just about a week before I fly to LA. So far, I was expecting that a night at the musical will somehow complete my trip here. Oh well. It was not meant to be.


Now, I just got off the phone with my aunt in the Philippines. She was very patronizing enough to quibble to say that I am “so lucky to just go on tour.” Hello, it took me YEARS to get here. It took several years of saving and hard work to be here and she makes it sound that I farted from Manila and here I am. I just hate this kind of people. And my mother asks me why I do not like interacting with relatives.


Now, my aunt in Manila is saying that I should buy medicine for my grnadparents. I tell her I don’t have space in my luggage. She says I should buy a bigger suitcase. I guess her brain could not read between the lines that I am not a freaking courier service. I may have paid for this trip but she is somehow well off and she asks me to cram medicine. Then she moan that my tranny aunt should buy her perfume for me to bring back. I tell her it is not allowed to bring perfume onboard. She said I should pack in my suitcase. Again, she has failed to grasp that I maximize my space in suitcases and that I have no space left for her stupid perfume. As if smelling good makes her smarter. Jesus.


I’m sorry. I’m just pissed that I could not watch Les Miserables and now take it out on the notion that I have to be a stupid delivery boy. I have to bring home this stuff for my cousin. Jesus freaking Christ. Haven’t these people heard of courier service?


Lordy, I’m getting snarky.


Well, Turle Lover says I should have my photo taken with these hot NY firemen. I’d like to. I really do. But my tranny aunt may have had the entire squad and that would be awkward to have my picture taken with these hot guys who may have skewered my tranny aunt.


No, I have not tried the NY street food, because, honey, they look awful and dirty. I am, however, going to drink Strawberry milkshake at McDonald’s. I miss the shakes.


Tomorrow,I don’t now what to do. I don’t want to plan anymore when my plans just go up in flames.


I’m still sore for not seeing Les Miserables. So sore that I trooped to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square and bought three DVDs. i bought What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?



This is supposed to be the ultimate fag movie when gay icon Bette Davis offers an over the top acting in this suspense film. And there’s Joan Crawford who was terrorized by Davis. Here’s a portion from an interesting article of that film:

Terror moviemaking in the early 1960s gave birth to a new film genre. For lack of a better description, you might call it the “older actress in an exploitation horror film” subgenre. Or Grand Guignol cinema.

Actresses who had reached a certain age and were no longer getting romantic lead roles, and who wanted to continue acting, found work in these movies.

The one that ignited this trend was undoubtedly What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, a hugely successful and influential film.

Lady terrorists of a certain age? This is like my spiritual mother Cruella DeVil! I can’t wait to see this flick. It’s another film for my planned Crazy-Ass Bitches film festival to be organized with my Diet Nazi.


Hey, another camp and film-to-watch-for-if-you’re-gay Mommy Dearest was on sale for ten dollars. It was a film starring Faye Dunaway who portrayed Joan Crawford terrorizing her adopted daughter Christina Crawford. It is one of those “It’s so bad, it’s good” flicks. However, I was on a tight budget and bought these instead:


Cartoonists are cool!!!!


This is a documentary that a lot of critics cite as the best film of 1995. It should have won an Oscar, but did not which bewildered many people. Anyway, it’s a documentary on on e of the greatest cartoonists ever Robert Crumb.


Crumb was one of the proponents of the unerground comix that reshaped culture of America in the 60s and 70s. He is not really politcally correct. No holds barred cartooning is what Crumb is all about.


I almost screamed when I saw this:


Love them kinky Japanese!


This film was screened in Manila International Film Fest back in the early 80s. I couldn’t walk on my own when this film shocked a lot of people in Manila. It was Imelda Marcos’ attempt to create a Cannes of the East to allow such a provocative film to be shown.


How provocative?


There was a scene where the guy inserts an egg up the girl’s….uh….err…yahoo?


It is a cinematic classic not because of that scene but because it deftly captured the smoldering passions of two people. It is a great exploration of desire. I’ll take some notes. Hahahahaa.


I may not have seen Les Miserables but I managed to purchase these great DVD’s instead. I know these are not sold in the pirate quarters in Manila. Believe me, I’ve looked. And, I plan to expand my already extensive film library and these films are a great investment.


Hmmmm maybe I should buy Mommy Dearest?


Can’t stop the flood, bitches.



  1. “Skewered”? What a violent verb! Hehehe.

  2. You did make it ALONE in NY. I know you will… you worked, survived the city of Manila and lived (and still is living) in the jungles of Makati.

    And to top it all, you somehow met a nice black guy… who would have thought somehow comforted you that day. A black guy that read Stephen King’s books… geesh! That might be unusual.

    Title: Streisand and other miseries

    Well, I feel your grief when you weren’t able to get a hold of those Les Miserables tickets ☹ It’s like telling me, “you can’t watch RENT, Nemcy!”

    Hey, be careful when you pack those DVDs… the customs might grabbed it from you. Just be careful where you hide them. I suggest you put them on your knapsack, between pages of a hardbound books.

    Just warning you.

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