Posted by: nastypen | October 19, 2006


I’m a queen living in a queen’s apartment in Queens, New York.

I’m living with my aunt who used to be an uncle. So, this should be intereting. In the 80s,my uncle sported a moustache. Now, she’s wearing plunging blouses to show off her “puppies.”

I’m so bad. The first thing I did when I arrived at her place was to use her laptop and her (stupidly slow dial-up) internet. It so happens that her aol account is online in an adult chatroom. So I posed as her. Now, she has a date with a guy this Saturday night.


God, it’s like my frustrated and supressed slut is inching its way out of me.

I feel guilty that my aunt has to go out on a date with the guy. She dated him twice before. She did not like the experience. She does not consider the guy cute. I saw the profile and he’s cute. To each his/her own, eh?

Well, my aunt DEMANDED the guy give her an ipod nano. The guy WILL be getting her an ipod nano. Such is the power of these “special girls.” These transexuals (TS) are an interesting bunch.

I went to a Filipino restaurant with my aunt and met up with another Filipino TS. She’s been here for 4 years and has had a coterie of well-endowed lovers. We were gossiping about Filipino showbiz in a family restaurant. People were staring but we didn’t care.

I was told I should go with them at this joint Silver Swans (hey, in one side of the world it’s a soy sauce brand, here it’s a TG bar.), provided I should shave and wear a dress. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I LOVE my beard. I told them if I wear a dress, I’d look like a pregnant woman.

I won’t be that hot mysterious Asian (wo)man. I’d be that awkward, frumpy (whoa)man with a bad wig. I said I’m not a hot item here in New York, my aunt’s friend smiled shrewdly and whispered, “Yes, you are. There are always chub chasers.”

This is where I threw back my head and laughed like crazy.

Well, I was told by my aunt “Jini-diosa kami rito.” (We are being treated like goddesses here.) I was let in a subculture of men who are into transexuals. My aunt and her frined just went on that if this were a straight date, the bill will be divided in half, whereas when they date, the men pay for their bills. I was told a TS friend of theirs was bought a car by her boyfriend.

So, ergo when my demands for an ipod from men, an ipod she will get.

Whoa. I wish I had that easy. But of course, I like facial hair and I like looking at women’s fashion and not wearing them. I should just shave, tweak, wax, wear a wig and a dress and the suitors will come in droves.


Even I look like this, I still get some knowing stares from some men here. Hahahah. I told my aunt I got this from her. I was invited to go to some gay bars, but I told them I was here to go to museums. I saw the deflation in their faces with an “Oh ok.”

Hey, a gay bar’s entrance fee is like 30 dollars. I’d rather buy a book or watch a movie with that. Partying is so overrated.

So, I got my aunt a date this Saturday. I hope the guy is worth it. As I blog this, I get all these buzzes from the chat room for her. She’s busy watching Dancing with the Stars. So, I answer for her.

There was a Cuban and Puerto Rican who wanted to hook up with my aunt. He’s cute, I must say. Bu he is just an accounting student. My aunt wants to be wined and dined. It’s a gilded life that I am disturbed of. But, hey, it’s their life. I’m just crashing in her apartment.

I have to stop in a few minutes, because the finale of Project Runway will be shown and I want to watch it live as opposed to downloaded.

Tomorrow, we’ll go shopping. Lord knows what will happen. My aunt, as usual, will be fabulous and be gawked up. I’ll just be an afterthought.

I want to go see art. But i am open to meet some more Transexuals. Oh, if only I could upload photos here. My aunt suggested that I use her photo in her desktop wallpaper.

uh….it was a picture of her straddling on a bed wearing nothing but a thong. There are some things I cannot show in this blog, people.



  1. chong, try mo mag-cross dress! once lang in your lifetime, masaya yan! bwahahahahaha

  2. Remember the time when I crossdressed during our open house? I didn’t expect my father would visit me and was totally shocked when he saw me as a drag queen.

  3. ah, gotta love the tranny chasers… i hope your aunt is friends with sophia lamar, linda james, erica toure aviance and you get to meet them.

  4. Dear, reading this entry of yours makes me think… will my dahlin’ jump into the bandwagon of TS? Come to think of it, you’ll be a hot momma once you get thin and dress up.

    You’ll be prettier that me, your VGF :O


    But as I finish reading it, and recalling those SMS of yours (plus receiving them now as I type) you were not brought up to such lifestyle. You are still the same huggable dahlin’ I’ll be welcoming when you come back!

    Books over dates… Arts over partying…

    That’s my Jose. Gay and damn-proud cultured! Ü

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