Posted by: nastypen | October 16, 2006

Divas for Lunch

Ok, I don’t know what happened. I blogged but when i posted it, it was gone. So, here i go again.


Today, I went to Perry’s for Brunch somewhere in Washington DC. There was a long line to get in this restaurant. Is the food good? It was greasy. Is the food cheap? No, this aint McDonald’s. It just so happens that every Sunday, there is a drag show. I thought it would be a great experience to watch drag queens in broad daylight. I am sure as hell never seen one. I always see the fab queens of Manila when night creeps in the smoking skyline.

Anna and I got in and we lined up for the buffet. Then i heard the opening tempo of an upbeat song. I immediately recognized it was Candi Station‘s Young Hearts, Run Free. Right on cue, a big African American drag queen struts out. She wore this tight number with fringes. A vast majority of the restaurant’s patrons at that time was suburbian caucasian. It was like in a Republican lunch out. these people who generally look like they come from Pleasantville who decided to venture into the dark side by watching drag queens traipsing around tables.

Well, there was this one drag queen who strutted out to the tune of Paris Hilton‘s Stars are Blind. She was jiggling her bazongas as Itry to shove bacon down my mouth. She jsut wore two flowers over her nipples and a fringed skirt that is smaller than my pair of socks. I took photos with my camera phone. I’m sorry but i was a bit jarred to see these queens on a timeline with an “a.m.” that my shots were delayed and shaky.

Go the deep end, baby!

She would sit on the laps of patrons, both men AND women, she facing them grabbing their heads and plunging their faces down her valley of shadow and death with glittery nights. I love her. Up next was a drag queen doing her homage to Shakira. She was grinding her waist to the “Hips Don’t Lie” in full camp bellydancing regalia, too!

What fun! i thought she looked like the real Shakira, too! Hahaha!!!

This bitch's hips don't lie!

Miss Paris Hilton strutted out once again and had stickers pasted on her privates. She was performing Fergie‘s London bridge. i thought her version was light years better than the real thing. I mean, fergie looks like a tranny already but this draq queen OWNED the floor space and EVERYONE was not digesting as she did her stuff.

Check out the glory of drag, bitches:

Take a bite, bitch!!!!

OH HELL, NO!!!! This maybe the most expensive lunch I have ever had. but I will not…CANNOT erase the memory of that ass with sequins bobbing up and down.

I mean despite the raunchiness of the costumes, i consider the acts drag-LITE. they performed songs that are accessible to the hoi polloi.

Where was the Shirley Bassey glory of Diamonds are Foe-evah…for-evaaaah? What, no, Patsy Kline? How about that campy number from the musical Damn YankeesWhatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets? No, these performances i saw at Perry’s were for those who live within white picket fences or those who are in cubicle squalor drowning in organizational charts.

You get the token Tina Turner drag performance in this place.

So, astound them with instant gratification. These drag queens served astonishment with a smattering of fab dust and everyone had such wild smiles.

I noticed they had a cute waiter, too:


Trust me, he’s cute. i was supposed to take a photo of this drag queen in a pre-Halloween costume, but he happened to pass by. Oh well, he ruined my initial purpose of the shot, but this will have to do. the drag queens were receiving tips for their performances like strippers. You have to cough up to have their photo taken with them. The folks next to us gave this drag queen 20 dollars!

Are you kidding me?!? i didn’t even have to pay a cent to see a Leonardo da Vinci at Washington DC’s National Gallery! These drag queens were not exactly works of art. But the way they collected the cash made me think of a career change. Hahahaha.

Ok, i have to go and watch America’s Next Top Model. I had divas for lunch, now anorexic waifs for dinner….such is my life here in the Land of plenty.



  1. this is very amusing! i looove that booty with the sequins. and i agree, the waiter’s cute!

    i envy you! wish i was there too! take care and hoping to hear more!

  2. wow it’s so much fun there!

    si paris hilton ahahaha

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