Posted by: nastypen | October 13, 2006

Feet torture and a case about a pedophile

I walked to Washington D.C.’s Library of Congress.  It was not near.  I’m guessing it’s 4 miles.

I could walk four miles in this lovely autumn weather.  I did walk four miles in this lovely autumn weather while carrying my laptop.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving my laptop at the condo unit.

The first day of the International Comics Arts Festival was ok.  I knew it would there would be a low turn out given the fact you’re talking about comics….AND using the theories of Pierre Bordieu to discuss about panelling.  Most of us were overweight and with glasses.  The discussions were about French comics and then an insightful series on manga.  But, what I truly enjoyed was when a librarian for the Library of Congress discussed about the collection of comics in the world’s biggest and most extensive library.  They have more than 150,000 titles and she was apologetic that due to budget contraints, they were not able to get all issues.  They do have a facsimile of Action Comics no. 1, but not the expensive original.  She, however, blurted out, “We have to have Wonder woman, of course!”  For a more indepth look of this click this link.

But I decided to PROBABLY forego the next two days of the event because as i walked towards the Library of Congress, the rows of museums greeted me and i wanted to run to them.  I wanted to go to the Jewish Holocaust Museum.  Of course, the National Gallery of Washington DC is a must!  And I shall see the dinosaurs again.  Hey, i saw the White House.  No, i won’t go there. 

It’s funny when you’re small, things tend to be big in your memory.  When i passed by the museums I went to 20 years ago, they seem less than monolithic.  Oh well.  I did squeal when i saw a triceratop skull as a garden ornament for the museum of natural history.

To tell you the truth, i had a really hard time falling asleep.  i only slept for fifteen minutes then I just waited for the sun to rise. So now, my eyelids are drooping like crazy.  I wanted to read my book but when I lie down, my body immediately reacts to a surrendering to the brand new soft couch at my sister’s friend’s place.

I miss Manila because of the cheap reflexology treatments over there.  i miss some of the people there.  But now, I’m so assimilitating here. 

One of the highlights of today is that I spoke to a high school friend of mine whom I had no contact for at least five years.  I know.  The internet is there!  But no.  You see, he has friendster, I don’t.  So, he continually feeds his friendster account with updates and pictures while I was just humming about with my blogging life.  Hello, seven years ago, the interent to me was for email and porn.  Now, those two plus blogging.

So, anyway, he called me and as I trooped to the Library of Congress, we gabbed and gabbed.

Some memorable quotes from him:

On his location: “I live thirty minutes from Chicago, but I live in a center of a corn field!  Illinois is the largest producer of pop corn.  We just had our pop corn festival!”

On his work: “I will go to work whenever i feel like it! WAHHAHA”

On his family: “My little brother owns three 7-11’s in Manila!” (Well, i hope these are the branches with change for 500 Pesos, because i hate it that I buy ice cream only to be told they don’t have change)

On my trip in Washington DC “What are you doing there?  Visit Condileeza Rice?”  (Yup, if I see her, I’ll ask who does her hair!)

But the most jaw-dropping of them all…..he spoke of a high school classmate.  This guy is one of the smartest people I know.  He’s weird, the type that puts hand inside pants, scratch, take out the hand and then smell the hand type of weird.  When we were in high school, he had this crazy crush on Anna Pacquin.  Thing is, Anna Pacquin just won the Oscar for best supporting actress and she has not hit puberty yet.  At that time, his fascination for younger girls was disturbing.

Turns out, this guy is dating a 17-year old girl!  OH LORD!!!!!  This is sick. Oh if only i could blog about the juicy details, but ouldn’t want to be liable. 

Let me just put it this way, as I walk past the monument of Simon de Bolivar, i wascackling like a witch, people waiting for the bus were staring at me.  I’m just happy to reconnec with an old friend and talk sh*t about some classmates as I walk down the tree-lined path, the leaves rustling down to the ground.



  1. cool wordpress!!!!!!

  2. You’d be surprised that the Library of Congress actually has a better collection of Filipiniana materials on select topics like food, culture and linguistics.

  3. fantastical teacher, no, i am not surprised about that. hahahah

  4. It’s late autumn there, right? May orange-ey, yellowish leaves pa ba or they’ve fallen na? Long, slow walks are nice even when you’re alone.

    I love autumn too… though you hated me when I mentioned that movie Autumn in (place city here).

    Keep yourself warm, ok dear?! Ü

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