Posted by: nastypen | October 10, 2006

Land of milk and honey???

I wrote a really really long postat my laptop.  I would have wanted to post it via my cousins’ internet at their home here in glorious suburbia of New Jersey.  But, they didn’t have a port for my USB.  So, I search for an internet cafe.  Found one like two to three kilometers away.  I brought my USB with me but it’s f*cking useless because they disallow USB’s in all of their computers excpet for two.

Those two are under repair.

Wow.  Such luck.  I knew riding an airline with Lindsay Lohan‘s Just my Luck as an inflight movie is portentious.  Here I am trying to remain calm because I have to send my professor my final paper.  but how am I supposed to do that when technology in this samll sector of the Garden State has failed me?

I don’t have load left, thanks to my elder sister who said that texting to her chikka account will cost me just 2.50.  I trusted her because she’s a lawyer.  A human rights lawyer.  Guess what?  I don’t have load left on my phone and I’m here barely three days. I was texting her stupidities like where I went.  Poof.  It is not my sister’s fault.  there goes my load gobbled up in a corporate machinery and false information.

Well, at least I don’t get to text her about what I could see in the outlet mall.  I’m just too tired thinking of walking in a massive complex glorifying blind consumerism.

I’m  going to Washington DC tomorrow.  Frankly, with the luck I’m having, I’m not going to expect a whole lot.  I just want to see dinosaur bones and be happy that I’m here as I munch on Reese’s Pieces.

God, I’m desperate for a decent (read:CHEAP) Wifi connection.  I’ll just try to breathe in breathe out.  the crisp autumn air in New Jersey is nice, especially with the billows of smoke from factories.



  1. Proves that what we see in Hollywood movies is not ALL true!

    Beware to those who haven’t been there and aspires to be there in the so-called land of milk and honey!

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