Posted by: nastypen | October 7, 2006

First day of vacation

My right hand hurts now.  I just came from the final examinations for my MA class.  We were given three hours to answer two out of four questions.  It was insane because one answer of mine filled six pages.

My hand really hurts because I am no longer used to writing long hand for a long period of time.  We had to write down the answers in a “blue book” that consisted 12 pages.  My answers filled 10.25 pages and I was rubbing my poor right hand all the way home.

One question went:  “give a broad assessment of the challenges, achievements and prospects for East-West interaction since the end of The Cold War in 1991.  You may focus your discussion on bilateral interaction between a particular Asian and Western Country.”

I wanted to write down as an answer: “Yes, world peace.”

Jesus.  My last day at class and it was a final examination with a broken down air conditioning unit.  It was not really hot but I could feel the rise of temperature from the throbbing temple veins of the students trying to answer the situation of Nuclear weapons paradigm in the world order.  Hey, I picked that topic but I just want to run away screaming tearing my test paper into pieces.

We are collectively not used to writing long hand that I had to take breaks in five minute intervals to massage my poor writing hand.  I wished I was ambidextrous.  I quipped the professor should provide a bowl of ice where we can dip our hands like battered boxer’s fists.

But now, I’m home and the exam was an unpleasant recent memory.  I should finalize my packing.  I’m going to America for the first time in more than a decade.  I’m quite excited…no anxious at how the immigration officials are now post-9/11.  And it will be my first time travelling alone to America and I am a bit apprehensive.

Yesterday, I started packing and I got my sister’s small suitcase she left behind.  Almost a third of the suitcase was filled with just my jackets.  I can’t wait to see autumn again.  But I don’t know where will I fit my other shirts and such.  I have a month away from work and that itself should make me thankful for this opportunity to declog.

I will have to be at the airport by 3 am.  My flight leaves at 7am but because of the security measures, they ask the passengers to show up at least three hours before boarding time.  The flight will be long.  I think this will be my longest flight thus far.  I just brought my sketch pad with me and draw short comic stories.

I hope I don’t get a nuisance of a seatmate.  I know I couldn’t blog till I land in Newark airport.  Lord knows when I could blog again.  All I know is that I am happy to have a vacation, time to do my research and time to contemplate and visit great museum and watch plays.

I will get my New York break.  Maybe it will turn out to be more than that.  Agh.  the worst thing I could do to a trip os to have high expectations.  Ah well.  I’ll stop now.  I’ll blog as soon as I can.


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