Posted by: nastypen | October 5, 2006

What rhymes with “cope?”

If I were brimming with pastel emotions, I’d say “hope.”

I’d have this beatific smile as the birds chirp with the leaves aflutter and the sun’s soft rays tickle my face as I look up to the sky and whisper “hope.”
But no. That is not me.
I would chose the word “mope” to rhyme with “cope” because that is just my coping mechanism in my life. I of the pre-emptive attack on disappointment. I of the closeted optimism. I of the grounded feet with dreams plastered all over the place. I of so many complains and so many guilty pleasure. I of the sulking in a corner waiting for that moment of elevation yet knowing fully well that that moment will never come unless I do something.

Well, here I am, doing something.

This blog.


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